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Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licensee Program
Start a Drone Business

Not ready to commit to the full partnership requirements but you definitely want to start a drone services business? We’ve got it covered.  Introducing our “UAV Brand Licensee Program”. This is a flexible solution allows you to start a drone business quickly and easily. You borrow our expertise and intro graphic drone pilot jobssweat equity and we benefit from your hard work and creativity.

It’s simple. We set up your complete drone business and you work under Recon Aerial Media’s name as a licenced service provider. We provide you with Phantom 3, Phantom 4 or Inspire, drone liability insurance,  UAV ground school training and we even apply to Transport Canada making it incredible easy for you to get your Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate. You get many of the benefits of the full partnership model without having to pay the full upfront core partnership costs.

If later you wish to move into the Full Partnership to secure your territorial rights and change your fee structure, we’ve thought of this too! Successful Licensees will be given first right of refusal to their territory. You are important to us, you’ve developed skills, you make us better and we want to keep you!

Recon Aerial Media is a new venture and we are looking to help you start a drone business. We are ambitiously looking for people with experience in tech expertise related to drones. We want you to fly for Recon Aerial Media in your city and for yourself as Recon Aerial Media Brand Licensee.

Recon Aerial Media Brand Licensee – What’s in it for you?


Our Brand Licensee model includes a ton of stuff all geared to help you start a drone business, get setup faster, better and easier. We reduce you time to market from months to weeks and get you started quickly fast.  Our goal is to give you a low cost solution that provides regulatory compliance, business intelligence and a service delivery model.

This cooperation solution is not a franchise, it is a licence agreement and consultation service that allows you to start a drone business. We do not actively send you leads BUT it’s very much a robust out of the box solution and you will have access to the latest drone business intelligence, workflows and corporate account inquiries as we bring new accounts online. We walk you through everything you will need and provide you with professional guidance and a head start,  how far you want to take it is up to you!

The Licensee Model includes:

  • 1 Year Licence Agreement start a drone business
  • Phantom 3, 4 or DJI Inspire (cost drops if you have your own)
  • $1,000,000 Drone Liablity Insurance
  • Drone Damage Insurance
  • 3 Day Training Course with Aerobotika/WWFC
  • 1 Day UAV Ground School with Dart Drones or online (US)
  • Standing SFOC (We complete up to 5 submissions to Transport Canada for your standing SFOC cert)
  • Access to standardized workflows for real estate, golf course hole by hole/highlight videos, mapping, basic surveying, volumetric analysis, live streaming (others as they become available)
  • Copy of the Canadian Flight Supplement (Canada)
  • 1 year Subscription to
  • Complete Flight Operations Manual with Annexes
  • Pre-operations, pre-flight, in-flight and post- flight checklists, equipment lists
  • Emergency procedures like Fly-Away procedures, VLOS Intruption, Lost Link Testing and Lost Link Protocols
  • How to File an Notam and work within3NM of an aerodrome
  • Template business documents
  • Branded Operational Sign and Business Cards
  • Branded High Viz Vest
  • 2×2 Way  VOX Radio with Earpiece
  • Branded local landing page for marketing your business and capturing leads (like this one)
  • Website hosting and emails
  • Access to corporate accounts as they come online
  • Branded PPC on Google and Facebook by Recon Aerial Media (*fees apply)
  • Support & Guidance until your feet are on the ground
  • Brand equity and access to partner relationships/discounts
  • Recommendations on price structuring
  • Generic client discover documentation (under development)
  • Access to jobs on UAV Freelancer jobs platform (under development)
  • Access to Flight Specialist forum (under development)
  • Links to training videos for workflows (under development)

We have partnered with drone training service providers Aerobotika and Waterloo Welland Flight Centre to provide our Brand Licencee with top notch Transport Canada (TC) Certified UAV ground school providers in line with the existing Transport Canada training guide. We have also partnered with Dart Drones in the US to provide the UAV Remote Pilot sUAS ground school training per Part 107 when we roll out our program in the US. We have also partner with or have a working relationship with Aeryon Labs, Event38, SenseFly, Precision Hawk, Trimble, QuestUAV, MicaSense, Pix4D, Drone Deploy, DataMapper, Data Complier, Skyward, Accentium, DraganFly and other premier technology partners, finance companies, drone equipment leasing specialists and insurers to get you access to the right tools for the job.

How do we work together?

start a drone businessRecon Aerial Brand Licencee partners are companies and individuals who work with Recon Aerial Media through a Licensee Agreement to start a drone business. The agreement outlines the simple terms of the arrangement and provides the foundation for mutual success. The terms of the arrangement will vary slightly country to country depending upon the legal requirements.

For all countries the basic requirements to become a Brand Licensee partner are:

  • Initial fee payment (varies per country minimum 5K USD)
  • Annual renewal fee payment (varies per country min 2.5K USD)
  • Drivers licence/medical fitness
  • 50 hrs verifiable drone flight time
  • Must UAV ground school
  • Certification as Remote Pilot in Command or Pilot in Command (if applicable)
  • Must operate a registered company or corporation (as applicable) Must have access to individual to act as Visual Observer
  • Must subscribe to airspace mapping software like AirMarket, Airmap or Skyward (as applicable)
  • Signed non-disclosure agreement
  • Signed licenced agreement with non-compete clauses
  • Personal suitability/best fit

Canadian Operators

The Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licencee model is now available in Canada.

The training requirement is met by taking a course equivalent to the TP15263 training standard with our preferred partner or equivalent. The aviation regulations in Canada are changing and in the near future for UAVs and will require that pilots hold a Drone Pilot Licence. We have it on good authority that the TP15263 training will be transferable under the new regulatory requirement.

For Canadian Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licensees we will provide everything you need to start a drone business.

Operators from the US

The Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licensee Model is NOT available in the US yet, but we are currently building out the documents and business intelligence and finalizing our US partnerships for legal support, insurance etc. The Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licensee Model will be available in the US in 3-6 months for you to easily start a drone business in the US context. In addition to what’s included above you will have access to legal counsel for FAA waivers and authorizations, lawyer drafted contract and permission documents and access to a premiere online UAV ground school training course thought we ALWAYS recommend taking an in person course as well.  BUT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO GET GOING WE HAVE A WORKFLOW BASED SOLUTION THAT IS SPECIFIC AND FOR SOME WILL BE BETTER THAN BOTH THE FRANCHISE SOLUTION AND THE BRANDED  LICENCEE PROGRAM, CHECK IT OUT!

Sign up to our mailing list in the scroll box or follow us on Facebook to get advanced notice. Better still complete the Flight Specialist Intake Survey, it’s the first step to work with us or see our aerial imaging workflow solution estimator which shows you the costs related to your aerial imaging business startup.

Global Operators

If you are not from Canada or the US and you wish to start a drone business we will research and navigate the bureaucratic and administrative requirements on your behalf and let you know how we can work together. We invite you to challenge us, put us to work for you! 

Creative Drone Business Solutions

This solution has been tailor made for Canada and the US but it works anywhere there is a regulated aviation industry. 

start a drone businessWe are looking to create a network of ambitious, creative flyers who want to do something they love. Creativity, innovative attitudes, excellence in client services and a willingness to create opportunity by hustling hard is the preferred skill set…we can only make this work by working together.

We want to work with excellent local drone operators but we are ALSO looking for people to head our Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licensee model worldwide to help people start a drone business.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to be creative. Committed individuals with a truck load of common sense and business savvy are ideal Recon Aerial Media UAV Brand Licensee Regional Heads. You will apply this simple model and run with it in your region to bring new partners on board to satisfy the ever increasing demand for drone services.

Your success is fundamentally based on your ability to convert and support the individuals in your region. Your goal is to build out the depth of individuals and services within your region. Recon Aerial Media will deliver 20% commission for new licencees brought on board an set up by you. If you have a unique idea or are interested in partnering in another way, we are open to all partnership ideas. No matter where you are ring us up and lets get creative!

jobs for drone pilots services graphic smaller

Recon Aerials Media Specialists!

Brian Stoneman

Owner/Photographer/Drone Pilot

Introducing Brian Stoneman, he is the owner of Recon Aerial Media, an avid photographer and general tech guy. Brian has created several online businesses notably,, among others. Serial creation is a habit and finding new ways to exploit technology as a creative outlet is his passion. Brian hopes to create opportunity and make it easier for those wishing to break into the drone services sector in Canada and the United States.

Eric Zeitoun


Eric has honed his photography skills over many years. His focus is fine art photography and his incredible skill set brings great value to Recon Arial Media. He has worked in architectural photography, events and wedding photography among other sectors. His enthusiasm is catchy and his positive nature is infectious, beware!

Ron Hamelin


A retired paramedic manager Ron is a aviation enthusiast with over 800+ hours of commercial/recreational flight simulation experience on countless fixed wing and rotor powered aircraft. Ron bring much more than experience his calm nature logical and systematic approach to work lends confidence to those around him. Ron regularly provides strategic guidance to Recon Aerial Media.

Ley Mo

Drone Pilot/Tech Ethusiast

Introducing Ley Mo from Burnaby B.C! Ley flies the Phantom and Inspire Pro. He is a huge fan of the drone industry and runs, an online drone retailer. Ley is also looking to also apply his significant technical background to Recon Aerial Media as a Flight Specialist. He is a precise and responsive individual that we are lucky to have on our team.

Richard Redmond

Drone Pilot/Videographer/Photographer

Richard Redmond of Red Dog Digital hails from the Ottawa Valley and is working in close collaboration with Recon Aerial Media as an advisor and Flight Specialist. A straight shootin’ guy, quick to laugh and great to be around, he is obvious choice for any client in the region needing expertise in aerial and interior real estate photography.

Edie Craddock

Drone Pilot/Business Development

Edie Craddock formerly of Brant Aero, though new to UAV tech, is a season private pilot with a single engine rating having flown more than 650 hrs. Edie is inspirational and full of energy and simply an incredible person to be around. Edie is taking on business development initiatives so if you have a unique partnership idea or if you are curious how UAV tech can be applied to your business, drop her a line!

Get in touch! Please give us a call 1-613-762-7711 or email we’d be happy to consult with you to figure out how we can create a successful drone business partnership!