Drone Facade Inspection

Drone Facade Inspection - Reduce the Risk to People, Reduce Liability


Drone Facade Inspection


Qualified, Professional Facade Inspections

Recon Aerial offers drone facade inspections. Our high-resolution photos and 4K video captured at 60 frames per second reveal the smallest exterior surface details at any height.

There is no reason to hire a scissor or boom lift, which will take much more time to deploy, will cost more, will not provide the same level of media/documentation, and may not provide access to investigate issues on taller structures.

Our drones are legally able to fly over the CN Tower, we can inspect any facade on any building in a fraction of the time.

Recon Aerial has also worked with various engineering partners who can assist in finding a solution to exterior cladding and façade deterioration issues.


Hire a Professional Drone Service Provider & Get the Work Done Right


A drone facade inspection can help you quickly evaluate the condition of all facade and cladding structures. High-resolution imagery can help you easily detect cracks, displacements, leaks, deterioration corrosion, and more.

Having a documented record of the condition of your facade could prove invaluable in the case where seismic energy (natural or a result of blasting) causes excess vibration and movement with the building structure.  It will be much easier to demonstrate the condition before and after such an occurrence in the case where an insurance claim is necessary. We recommend taking a baseline of the facade and exterior elements of your buildings as soon as possible. The benefit is to monitor the health of the building over time to take timely action when maintenance is a need.

Quickly Assess the Condition of a Building Facade in Minutes using Drones

Drone façade inspections are NOT about using some fancy new technology simply because it’s new. It’s about using the right tool for the job. You wouldn’t hammer a nail with a broom handle, would you? No, you would use a hammer.

Drones are designed specifically to capture photos and video at heights, that’s what they do. If you want to investigate the exterior of your building the best tool to do this inspection work is a drone.

Yes, to an extent a sophisticated camera with large lenses will work however, the angle introduced may convey poor information. It’s not possible to use a ground-based system to get a perpendicular view to properly assess displacements, nor is it possible to view damage from directly above looking down using a ground-based system.

A drone facade inspection is fast and inexpensive by comparison and will pay dividends. It will allow you to fix minor issues before they become major, expensive issues.

Common defects that we can help you identify during a facade inspection are wide and vertical cracks, cracks near the corner of a building, pieces of cladding or building material that is out of plane with the rest of the façade, cracked sealant joints, separation or cracks in sills, motor joint erosion, blistering or peeling paint, etc.

Why would you conduct a façade inspection?

In a word, “gravity”.

Façade and cladding issues have the potential to impact public safety and can be a significant source of liability. However, you can substantially reduce your civil and legal liability if you are made aware of the issue via a drone façade inspection AND take immediate corrective action to protect the public. It should be noted that in some cases, as in Quebec for example, there is a legal requirement to inspect building facades every 5 years for buildings over 5 stories.

If you want more information on similar inspections conducted by Recon Aerial get in touch or please view Drone Inspections.


Why Complete a Drone Facade Inspection?