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Turbine Blade Inspections

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Engineers, Surveyors and Drone Service Providers

Drone Data Processing

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Accurate & Detailed Orthomosaics

Drone Mapping

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Drone Data Processing for civil engineerDrone Data Processing for civil engineer
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Drone Bridge Inspections

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Drone Services for Engineering and Industrial Clients

Recon Aerial stands out as a leading expert in the field of drone services. We are dedicated to conducting specialized drone services inspections on intricate engineered assets within challenging flight environments. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive commercial and industrial inspections for a wide range of infrastructure assets.

Using advanced drone technology, we skillfully navigate both exterior and GPS-denied interior spaces, ensuring a thorough inspection process.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering top-notch results. We meticulously produce high-quality reports, drawing upon the insights of experienced engineers and industry experts.

Over the years, we have successfully executed major inspection projects on diverse structures such as telco towers, bridges, dams, wind turbines, solar farms, commercial roofs, and facades. Moreover, our services extend to vital sectors including power and utilities, as well as mining services. With Recon Aerial, you can trust in our expertise to meet your inspection needs efficiently and effectively.


Recon Aerial offers enterprise Wind Turbine Inspections Drone services Canada and abroad for Turbine Manufacturers, Wind Farm Owners/Operators, and O&M Specialists. Looking to reduce risk, resolve under-performance issues, potentially prevent expensive blade failures and significant downtime events? Get in touch!

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Recon Aerial is an industry leader for drone-based bridge and dam inspections. We deploy the latest drone technology to offer class-leading solutions to our clients.Our expert drone service solution includes aerial surveying, grid-based inspections, defect recognition/annotation, and reporting, Get in touch!

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Recon Aerial has completed several drone-based roof inspections. Drone use for roof inspections is a much safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. We recently inspected 90 condo units in under 4 hours on at considerable cost savings to our client. We also recently completed a 95 building thermal inspection in the Peel Region.

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We use autonomous drone software to undertake autonomous flights. TOur mission is to quickly collect geo-referenceed photo data from specific altitudes to meet several key project mapping objectives. Aerial mapping by drone can be conducted at a fraction fo the cost of manned aviation, and at a higher resolution.

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Recon Aerial offers drone data processing. We process image and survey information to produce photogrammetric exports such as 3D mesh, 3D point cloud, orthomosaics for our engineering, surveying, and drone services providers. Our drone data processing services streamlines our clients workflows.

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We transform drone mapping and survey control data to AutoCAD line work. We plan, fly and lay ground control for a project location. We process standard photogrammetric exports. We use these georferenced exports to plot standard AutoCAD feature sets. Highly accurate drone to AutoCAD .dwg files in days not weeks!

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At Recon Aerial Drone Services, our expertise goes beyond inspections; we excel in capturing breathtaking visual content through cutting-edge drone technology. Our team is skilled in creating stunning videos and photos that have found their way into movies, TV series, industrial development projects, and commercial land sales.

We’ve also contributed to intricate tasks like backplatting and 3D visualization projects, showcasing the versatility of our services. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Recon Aerial ensures that every visual project we undertake is nothing short of extraordinary.

Photos & Video Content

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Drone Photos and Video

Recon Aerial is your premier drone content partner. We create stand-out drone photography and video content for TV shows, film, YouTube channels, Vimeo, commercials, commercial land development and real estate, 3D back-plating, and similar visualization projects.

Inspection Services

Wind Turbine Inspection

Recon Aerial uses drones to inspect wind turbine blade inspections, solar facilities, cell tower inspections, dams, bridges, locks, rail,  building facades and roofs, water towers, and much more. We also conduct underwater inspections and interior asset inspections.

Mapping & Surveying

drone mapping 575 Station Road Recon Aerial 3D Site Model from drone images
Drone Mapping

Recon Aerial conducts drone mapping, and drone surveying to transform drone data into extremely useful deliverables. Using this drone data, we produce standard exports such as 3D point clouds, orthophotos, DTMs, and DSMs. We also produce AutoCAD linework.

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Consulting - Drone Services & Drone Program Development

Recon Aerial offers drone consulting services. We advise clients on drone program development, drone operations management, drone training requirements, drone risk mitigation, drone emergency procedures, drone flights in complicated airspace, drone regulatory impact analysis, and more. Though we cannot provide direct legal advice we have a thorough understanding of the legal requirements and what it takes to fly a drone legally and safely. We help clients understand how their operations can fully respect the Canadian Aviation Regulations Part IX, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems as well as the Transport Canada safety guidelines.

Stay tuned for our drone business startup packages in Canada and the United States. Our basic packages provide equipment and know-how empowering individuals to jump-start their own drone business…getting new drone business owners airborne faster.

What Drives Us to be the Best Drone Services Company!?!

We love the challenge of creating new and enterprising drone solutions that help businesses work better. The benefit that drone technology brings to our clients is incredible. We see opportunities to put drones to conduct work more safely, more efficiently, to save time and money. These are real benefits we provide to our clients by offering strategic drone services solutions.

We are experts in drone services solutions AND we also add value by incorporating software services and data integration specific to most drone business lines.

We invite you to bring us your ideas, to challenge us!

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Drone Mapping Services - A Modern Tool

Recon Aerial specializes in mapping drone services and aerial drone surveys to create various outputs for civil and road works, drone rail inspections, power and utility planning, energy infrastructure planning, slope analysis, mining and aggregates,  land-use management, biological surveys and environmental surveys, property development, urban planning, commercial real estate and information for many other sectors and purposes.

The direct file exports from our drone mapping software include:

  • 3D model (.obj)
  • Point cloud (.las)
  • Elevations contours 1,2,3,5 feet (AutoCAD, .dxf)
  • Digital terrain model contours 1,2,3,5 feet(AutoCAD, .dxf)
  • Plant health
  • Geo-referenced orthomosaics.
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Drone Data Processing to Create Linework Drawings in AutoCAD

Over the years Recon Aerial has flown many photogrammetric mapping missions; now we are lending this expertise to engineers, surveyors, and drone services providers.

Recon Aerial provides Drone Data Processing to Create Linework Drawings in AutoCAD. These highly functional AutoCAD deliverables are used to situate site assets, plan site development, and for site redevelopment.

Recon Aerial has a drone data processing and mapping team to provide standard photogrammetric geo-referenced exports such as 3D mesh, point clouds, contours, digital terrain models, digital surface models, and orthos photos. Our clients use these highly accurate exports to manipulate data in Leica Geosystems, QGIS, Agisoft, 3DF Zephr, Autodesk Recap, and more.

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Drone Project Scoping

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We ask the right questions about what you want to achieve, how you will use the media/data, who will use it, who will see it, what digital platforms will be used, and more.

We do this to properly scope and price what’s needed. In nearly every case we add value by suggesting changes and providing multiple price point options.

Once we have nailed down the basics we plan and rework as needed prior to flight execution in order to ensure the deliverable is exactly what our clients need or better!

Before getting started, we follow a series of regular steps. Each project includes; an advanced operations RPAS pilot, a visual observer (if needed), a pre-mission compliance review, risk analysis and control measures, airspace review per the DHA, a site survey & flight plan, and more.

Drone Project Delivery

emergencies section of flight review training


Once we have completed the steps to scope and plan the drone project we shift into operations mode.

With our project plan in place, we more closely examine how to conduct the drone flights, including; drone and sensor selection, airspace and air traffic pattern, safe launch and recovery sites, site security, secondary landing sites, flight paths, pilot experience, pilot/visual observer positions, separation distances, communications with aerodromes as required, and more. 

In every case, drone services pricing and drone operations include; setup, flight execution, teardown, administration, flight logging, RPAS maintenance, drone liability insurance, data management, and project closeout tasks/administration. 

Our #1 goal in every operation is to “get the shot” with the least amount of flying possible in order to limit risk.



  • Assess
  • Fly
  • Deliver

We always invest the time to learn your business in order to carefully examine the costs and benefits of using drone services compared to other methods, should they exist. 

Whether your requirement for drone services is highly complex or straight forward ultimately, our goal is to understand what you do and how we can save you time, money or limit risk.

Getting to work is what we do best! A methodical approach to planning and conducting drone flight operations will guarantee your confidence and mission success.

All flights in Canada or the United States are insured and have regulatory approval.  We have the procedures and checklists in place to ensure flight operations are safe, efficient and effective. 

Staff who conduct flight operations are fully trained, flight certified “Pilots in Command” per the regulatory requirements.

Getting you what you need is paramount. Whether it’s simple drone media or complex 3D model/mesh for integration into BIM workflows, we can get it done!

Recon Aerial is not just a drone company, we are project managers experienced at bringing together complex data requirements related to construction, inspection, film, TV and many other specialties. We are also experienced at working with multi-disciplinary teams.

In addition, we have established excellent working relationships with many partners who add depth to our drone services delivery.


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