Drone Applications are far-reaching and are being used more across many industries and sectors. People are realizing the value they offer to their operations. In general terms, drone applications fall into 3 broad categories, multi-media applications, aerial inspections, aerial assessments/data transformation.

Aerial inspections offer an eyes-on elevated approach where you simply need a better perpsective or to inspect an asset that would otherwise take more time and resources.

Aerial assessments and data gathering strive to both inspect and deliver digital media that can be processed to provide additional information, such as mapping info, stockpile assessments, crop yield assessments. Fundamentally this information will help you to make better business decisions.

Multi-media services offer media to be delivered through various marketing channels, like tradtional advertising, social media ads, product awareness, website imagery and more.

Recon Aerial Media strives to serve clients in need of these UAV applications in a simple and systematic way. We have partnered with various industry software and drone technology providers to develop a system that allows us to fly well and integrate information, which helps you to mitigate risk, save time, save money and make better, more timely decisions.