Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Wind Turbine Blade Inspections by Drone Save Time, Maximize Resources & Reduce Risk


Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Recon Aerial wind turbine inspections

Qualified, Rigorous, Legal Drone Operations

Did you know that illegal wind turbine blade inspections leave you on the hook for the full liability related to that operation?  Even if the violation is unintentional, in the case of an accident, the drone service providers’ insurance is considered invalid and the liability falls directly to the client. 

Hire Fully Qualified, Experienced Drone Professionals Who Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Recon Aerial uses Transport Canada approved “Advanced Operations” RPAS pilots, uses 922 Safety Assured drones,  conducts rigorous planning, conducts an airspace evaluation, seeks NAVCAN approval for flights in controlled airspace, conducts a thorough risk review and completes the legally required “Site Survey” as well as 5 operational checklists before conducting flight operations. We always fly in compliance with the civil aviation authority not matter where we operate. However, in Canadian Airspace, we strictly adhere to Part IX promulgated the Canadian Aviation Regulations.

Conducting Wind Turbine Blade Inspections is Easy Right?

No, exactly! Drone flights require expert flights skills and incredible attention in an highly variable environment to ensure the data capture is both consistent and complete.

On the fly we have to consider wind, ground level physical interference, proximity to the blade, blade twist, sampling resolution, speed, timing, image overlap, exposure, image focus, blade rotation, RF/signalling interference, situation awareness and many other aspects all occurring within 30-60 seconds per blade side.

While each wind turbine blade inspection is underway we also complete digital data inspection sheets for each turbine that hold all serial number information, blade orientation, inspection order and specific inspection details that allow us to deconstruct our data capture operation at any time. It is critically important to track and record HOW the inspection was undertake to be assured and have confidence in the results and to limit or catch operational errors as they unfold.


Wind Turbine Blade Inspections are Complex Operations


Strict Adherence to Process Produces Trusted Results


Delivering Results

Before arriving on site an immense amount of thought and care goes into planning the operation and planning the wind turbine blade inspection project. 

Feedback from our clients on how we conduct projects has been exceptional.

Ensuring a project and complex drone flight operation goes smoothly comes down to preparation and requires considerable attention to detail. Every bit of focus is undertaken with one thing in mind, Data Integrity.

Data Integrity is paramount, we understand that clients may make very costly repair decisions based on the information that we provide so we take our processes very seriously. Proper planning and strict adherence to project management fundamentals produces damage reports that can be trusted. Recon Aerial follows a consistent and well thought out project management structure that yields excellent, reliable results for wind turbine blade inspections.  Want to Learn More?



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Please contact us to get pricing and information for your wind turbine blade inspection project.  Typically we provide a complete project proposal within 24hrs. Our pricing is fair and we have the commercial aerial expertise to get the work done right, with out clients’ interests front and center!

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