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Drone Inspection Company


Qualified, Professional Drone Inspection Company

Recon Aerial is an experienced drone inspection company offering various commercial and industrial drone inspections. Our high-resolution drone photography and 4K video offer excellent results.  If you need to inspect an elevated commercial or industrial asset up close, we can deliver excellent drone media that allows you to see what you need to see.

Our drone inspection technology grants unprecedented and immediate access to difficult, hard-to-reach inspection areas, and we also offer custom-designed drone workflows for challenging projects.

Recon Aerial has been in business for years and we have logged 1000’s of drone flights for commercial clients. We are both experienced and qualified project management professionals but also Transport Canada Advanced Operations remotely piloted aircraft system pilots.

Recon Aerial also holds the highest rating for RPAS pilots available, with flight reviewer status we can conduct practical flight reviews the final step in onboarding new RPAS pilots in Canada. We work with many of Canadas’ largest and most influential companies, like SNC Lavelin, Ontario Power Generation, Enercon, Liberty Power, Prowind, SGS Canada, Pomerleau Construction and many more.

What do we inspect using Drones?

Anything, literally! We specialize in wind turbine inspections and other large energy asset inspections such as dams and power and utility infrastructure. As a premiere drone inspection company we have robust procedures to provide excellent defect detection, review, and reporting. We also use drones to inspect bridges, locks, water tanks as well as oil and gas inspections, and drone-based tank farm inspections.

We have unique services lines for bridge and dam inspection as well as for drone cell tower inspections and drone rail inspections.

We can also easily examine exterior building mechanical systems using drones, conduct drone roof inspections, drone façade and cladding inspections, drone retaining wall inspections, drone topography and slope inspections, drone stack and tower inspections, drone solar farm inspections, drone nesting, and biological surveys and much more.

Many of our inspection services are turn-key drone services. As a drone inspection company, we provide drone flight services but many of our service lines are combined with innovative software technology that amplifies the usefulness of the data we capture.

For example, we inspect wind turbines and generate defect reports for our clients and serve this with a cloud-based system making it incredibly easy for our clients to share and take action on the information we provide.


As a Drone Inspection Company - What do we Inspect?


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Please contact us to get drone inspection pricing. The results will surpass yoru expectations, and we are drone service company that is easy to work with.  Typically we provide a complete project proposal within 24hrs. Our pricing is fair and we have the commercial aerial expertise to get the work done right, with out clients’ interests front and center!

Please give us a call,  email or setup a project meeting to determine how easy it is to work with us and simply get things done!