Drone Operations Management Services

What are Drone Operations Management Services?

drone pilot supervision services Recon Aerial Media offers drone operations management services. What does this mean?  It means that YOU fly and we manage all facets of the operation including ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Drone operations management services are geared for talented pilots and creatives who own their own drone equipment who want to conduct aerial photography or videography services. Maybe they do not have the service volume to warrant completing the appropriate training, the pilot exam, operational planning, flight plan and site surveys, risk evaluation, regulatory notifications, etc.  but they do NOT want to turn down client requests.

The new drone regulations now demand strict adherence otherwise it can be costly in terms of financial liability and reputational risk.

Drone operations management services is a business to business service specifically for professional service providers such as photographers, videographers, engineers, architects, land-use planners, researchers, environmental consultants, surveyors, mapping/GIS professionals, or any other service professional who may occasionally require drone operations capability to serve their core business lines.


On your behalf we complete:

  • Pre-flight planning and compliance review

  • Regulatory submissions in controlled airspace

  • Risk review and control measure planning

  • Site survey and flight planning

  • Active operations checklists

  • Practical drone operations guidance and advice

  • Emergency procedures

  • Report requirements as needed

We act as your extended on-site team to assist in completing every operational detail so you can focus on your project goals.

What's Included in our Drone Operations Management Services

As a new or occasional drone pilot your it’s important to understand the scope of properly conducted drone operations. Drone/RPAS/UAV/UAS operations planning is not difficult but it is a highly regulated aviation activity it requires a considered approach. We take care of the operational planning from A-Z:

  • Airspace Review and Management drone pilot supervision services checklist

  • NOTAM, Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) & Air Traffic Services Coordination

  • Regulatory Requirements for Advanced Operations

  • Weather/Environmental Conditions

  • Physical Security

  • Technical Security

  • Public Interference

  • Separation Distances

  • Desktop Review including Compliance

  • Risk Assessment – Hazards, Risk Criteria & Control Measures

  • Site Surveys and Pre-operational Planning (Offsite)

  • Pre-flight, In-flight and Post Flight SOPs/Checklists (Onsite)

  • Launch and Recovery Designation

  • Emergency Preparedness (scope, protocol activation, response priorities)

  • Roles, Responsibilities & Actions

  • Loss of Positive Control (fly-aways, C2 Failure, Loss of VLOS)

  • Accident Reporting & Notification

  • Maintenance & Inspection

  • Documentation & Record Keeping

How We Help you Conduct Drone Operations

The importance of preflight planning is to review the regulatory requirements, evaluate the risk specific to the flight operations create a plan that allows the operations to be conducted safely.

Drone operations that are planned well reduce the stress on the operation and leave situational headroom for emergency and unplanned occurrences.

We take on the stress and responsibility of not only planning a compliant RPAS flight operation but will assist if things do not go as planned!  We will:

  • Provide a compliant “site survey” and flight plan;

  • Brief flight crew or visual observers of any duties they are to perform or any other information relevant to the flight;

  • Use appropriate and current aeronautical charts and other current flight publications in planning;

  • Properly identify airspace, obstructions, and terrain features;

  • Select a safe/ low-risk take-off/recovery location and flight route;

  • Gather all pertinent information about local air routes and aerodromes;

  • Evaluate the acceptability of existing NOTAM and forecast weather conditions relevant to the intended flight;

  • Recommend altitudes, considering flight objectives, weather conditions, and equipment limitations;

  • Determine the appropriate departure procedure;

  • Recommend a “GO/NO-GO” decision based on available information for the flight;

  • Set up and arrange material and equipment in a manner that makes the items readily available.

emergencies section of flight review training

Initiating flights requires a great deal of situational awareness. Few advanced operational environments are considered static. Therefore, it is important to understand that things will change and how to take the appropriate actions to minimize the impact of the potential change on the drone operation.

Recon Aerial is your partner to ensure things go smoothly AND as expected.

We will:

  • set up principle and alternate launch/recovery areas

  • establish a cordoned area (as applicable)

  • Complete all pre-flight inspection/checks on your sRPAS;

  • Complete and maintain all appropriate checklists.

  • Assist with the crew operational briefing (as required)

  • Document the flight;

  • Act as your Visual Observer during flight operations

  • Advice on operational constraints and equipment limitations.

  • Manage public and client interference

  • Manage all off-site communications

Sometimes things do NOT go as planned. Emergency procedures are integral to conducting responsible RPAS operations. We take into account the various types of emergency situations that may arise and demonstrate proper planning and effective action in the face of an unintended event.

Based on the Transport Canada requirements we will:

  • Provide emergency procedures that apply to your drone operations;

  • Provide lost-link procedures that apply to your drone operation;

  • On your behalf contact, Transport Canada, the implicated airports, NAVCAN, and/or the Transportation Safety Board as applicable.

We will also advise upon how to:

  • Correctly program the drone for a “return to home” if it is equipped with that function;

  • Program the geofence/range limitation as applicable;

  • Program the altitude limitation as applicable;

  • Program the appropriate RPAS response on a lost link (hover/RTH);

  • In the event of a C2 failure advise upon the appropriate course of action, to re-established the link between the controller and drone

  • In the event of a flyaway perform the following tasks without delay:

    • Identify and record the drone present position

    • Identify and record the direction and altitude/altitude delta of the drone

    • Calculate the fly-away boundary in km given the available fuel/power on board

    • Identify and notify potentially impacted airports

Pricing for Drone Operations Management Services

drone operations management services half day

1/2 Day


We will provide drone operations management services for 1/2 Day. This includes all regulatory submissions, checklists, operational review, risk mitigation and planning, the site survey and flight plan local travel, etc.

drone operations management services full day

Full Day


We will provide drone operations management services for a Full Day. This includes all regulatory submissions, checklists, operational review, risk mitigation and planning, the site survey and flight plan local travel, etc.

Please get in touch to discuss your drone flight operations requirements. We will be happy to spend as much time as need to understand and hopefully exceed your expectations!