Drone Photos and Video Content

Amazing Drone Photos and Video Content

drone photos and video content recon aerial

Aerial Drone Content to Impress!

Recon Aerial delivers stunning drone photos and video media for your project. Drone photos are shot in various formats 16:9, 4:3, or 3:2. We also use a raw format where possible to maximize editing potential. Drone videos are typically shot in 4k+ unless otherwise specified

Recon Aerial drone photos and videos are used in project briefs, land development videos, promotional videos, real estate memorandums, internal pitch decks, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, websites, social media, and more.  In fact, very proudly we boast that our drone video content has been used in 4 different TV shows and counting including the Discovery Channel’s “Adventure Cities”!

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Stunning Aerial Drone Video & Photos!

At Recon Aerial we pride ourselves on delivering excellent drone photos and videos to our clients. With multiple TV shows and similar productions under our belt, we can provide exactly the drone content you need, as you can see from the drone images below.

Our work is almost dependent on the weather to some extent. Many clients specifically demand drone shots taken at a particular time and/or under very specific light conditions.  However, the weather doesn’t always allow us to take amazing shots BUT that doesn’t stop us from creating amazing content.

Amazing Drone Photos and Video Content

recon aerial image editing_before

For example, the drone image to the right was taken on a dreary overcast February day but we don’t let THAT stop us. Our creative department simply needs to get creative!  In cases where project deadlines are crucial and we don’t have the time to wait for the elements to cooperate, we bend them to our will digitally speaking.

Recon Aerial provides quality drone photos and video AND we also provide digital editing services to finesse difficult shots.  Get in touch and challenge us!

Drone Images Add Depth to Your Project


Recon Aerial strives to get the most out of every location. Context is every thing for drone shots. Our goal is to pull out the meaning of a place to provide our Clients’ audience with a true sense of scope in how we shoot.  

Below is an example created for a Client that didn’t even know this location existed and not it is set to be their next immersive virtual experience. They took one look at the footage and were exatatic to focus their next feature on this location thank to the drone media content captured by Recon Aerial.


Recon Aerial delivers full post-production videos including animated logo stings, music, 2D and 3D motion graphics. and more. Though our focus is drone media creation we can deliver on just about any video production via our extended team of creative specialists.

The example below was created for the University of Carleton. We conducted flights on 8 days to collect the content and used extensive 3D tracking and motion graphics to create the “flight of the raven” through the university campus.


Recon Aerial delivers full post-production videos including animated logo stings, music, 2D and 3D motion graphics. and more. We specialize in drone video content collection and post-production drone videos for commercial real estate and land development projects.

The example below was created for a client and incorporates highly effective 2D motion graphics.  The addition of 2D motion-tracked graphics overlays to drone video content is very powerful. We can tell a very compelling story by using an extremely short video. Our clients are amazed by the clear messaging possible using drone video and these simple post-production techniques.