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What Are Our Services?

Are you trying to find an excellent Hamilton Drone Company to capture superb drone media for your project in Hamilton, Ontario? If so you are at the correct page! Recon Aerial is your local Hamilton drone company you should contact for your next drone photos or video project.

This is because we are known to respond promptly and effectively – in fact, we exceed expectations. As one of the well-established drone companies in Ontario, normally we finish drone flight operations within just a week’s time. Very often, our customers obtain their drone videos and/or photos the day after through courier or transfer.

We take pictures of drones either 16:9, 4:3 or 3:2 in raw style to boost editing chances.
We usually film drone videos in 4k except when the project needs less. At 24-60 frames per second, we are known to deliver cutting edge outputs.

Drone videos and photos by Recon Aerial, have a multitude of usages. For example, they are used in brochures, PowerPoint presentations, promotional videos, project development briefs and videos, property development videos, confidential information memos, internal pitch decks, social media posts, websites, and pretty much anywhere people need aerial data or photos/videos. We are among the drone companies in Ontario that are known to deliver!

Overall Benefits of Using Drone Photos or Videos in your Projects

We want to explain the reasons why we consider you should utilize our services in your forthcoming project that needs drone services in Ontario:

* Produce more attractive marketing components
* Explain big commercial footprints
* Bring depth to your design
* Give a clear viewpoint
* Reveal advantages attributed to the project
* Highlight factors not often realized
* Use cost-effective, up to date technology
* Draw broader, contextual interconnections

Importantly, it helps you to put your best foot forward when you are considering drone companies near Toronto. Whether you determine to utilize drone photos or drone videos, the excellent aerial views presented by your local Hamilton drone company offer sparkle and efficiency to your project.



Benefit of Drone Photos and Video

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Excellent Drone Service Provider In Hamilton, Great Results

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Why Choose Recon Aerial as Your Drone Service Provider in Hamilton?

If you collaborate with Recon Aerial as your local Hamilton drone company you will get our commitment that we will exceed your expectations and that we will achieve the work meticulously conforming to all the legal directives.

We made available drone media and data across several sectors from energy to film, from construction to mapping and surveying.

We have worked with Pascal Productions, Circle K, Trinity, Site Cast, Manulife-Colliers, Jabco, Blik TV, Pomerleau Construction, Cicada Designs, CPD, Circle K, Riocan, District Realty and JLL to name a few. We know Hamilton well; but above all, we know how to get superb drone photos and videos!

As a premier drone service in Canada, we are happy that we make use of advanced pilots for all our missions, and that we possess the Transport Canada Flight Reviewer approval to flight-test new pilots.

At Recon Aerial we are in business providing drone services in Ontario and Quebec for 5 years and conducted hundreds of missions and 1000’s of drone flights in every class of controlled airspace.

We gained the experience working anywhere from the middle of nowhere to downtown Toronto and all places in between, and we are fully insured.

Please select to see Samples of Our Work,  and please see our drone services pricing.


Professional Experience and Creativity Matters!

As creative project management professionals, we got the experience to take the shots with just a token of explaining or hand-holding.

We know the system to execute safe drone operations and we have a clean flight record with no incidents or casualties. Of course, there are cheaper, less experienced drone service providers BUT if you hire a professional Hamilton drone company such as us you will be on your way to get your project handled well AND have the quality drone photos and video footage you need!

How To Connect With Us

Call us to get a quote from your premier Hamilton drone company. Our costs are reasonable and we have the aerial qualification to get the job done properly!  Please give us a call at 1-613-762-7711 or send an email and let’s prove how superior quality drone imaging can have a major impact on your property development plans. Contact us today or just opt for a Calendly meeting!

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