Drones Used by Police

Typical Applications for Drones Used by Law Enforcement


Drones for Search and Rescue (SAR)

search and resue using drones

Police Using Drones to Bolster Search and Rescue Efforts

Law enforcement and local search and rescue organizations are taking advantage of drones to enhance search and rescue efforts. Drones used by police and emergency services offer a serious technological advantage over searches conducted by manned aviation. Drones are a fraction of the cost to operate, they can be deployed much quicker, several drones can be deployed in the same operational space and they can be fitted with infrared sensors.

In addition, real-time video streaming, cameras with up to 30x zoom capability,  payload drop systems (life preservers), spotlights, geo-positioning, and many other key operational features make drones a new and invaluable tool for conducting search and rescue operations.

Car Accident Investigation and Reconstruction?

Drones used by police are becoming a key tool in the reconstruction and investigation of traffic accidents involving serious injury and death. The aerial images produced by drones are Geo-referenced and through “structure from motion” photogrammetry, a detailed 2D orthomosaic can be created. This stitched nadir (directly down) image of the entire traffic accident footprint can be used to measure distances accurately between physical points within the collision scene, which allows investigators a more thorough overview from which they can draw conclusions regarding the investigation. Better still it’s possible to create a 3D recreation of the crash scene environment and build out a .laz point cloud mesh, much like the 3D models used in construction projects. 3D models of a collision allow for even more in-depth analysis.

Importantly, photos and videos from drones can be used as a permanent record, and through careful oversight and ground proofing can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Also important, drone imaging very much increases the time it takes to gather accident scene information allow the motorway to be opened more quickly causing less inconvenience to motorists, businesses, and residents.


Accident and Crime Scene Investigation using Drones

traffic accident investigation using drones

Drones for Crime Scene Investigation

police using drones for crime scene investigation

Crime Scene Mapping and Investigation

Much like motor vehicle accident investigation using drones, another one of the benefits of drones in law enforcement is drones can be used by police in crime scene mapping and forensic investigation to assist in the gathering of evidence via photographs and video footage of a scene. Photos and video footage can be used for legal or investigative purposes.

Additionally, many crime scenes often involve an outdoor component and in some cases can be complex.  As such drones can provide an overview to assist an investigation.

A scene that is accurately photographed or where video has been taken provides an excellent snapshot in time of critical crime scene features that might be otherwise possible from ground imaging methods.

Police Using Drones for Aerial Reconnaissance and Public Safety

Drones can be used by police to assist in monitoring dangerous situations like an active shooter, hostage, barricaded individuals, high-risk warrants to provide live stream broadcasting without delay. This instantaneous visual overview may assist incident commanders to make the best possible decisions in highly stressful and dynamic situations since the information is arriving in real-time from the drone.

Drones may also be used to monitor crowds for security risks and perform various other surveillance tasks however, though well-meaning as this might be, and in the interest of public safety, this new technology must still adhere to the public’s expectation of reasonable privacy. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has produced a thorough discussion paper on this subject, and though dated still provides many key insights.


Drones used for Situational Awareness and Surveillance

police using drones for surveillance

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