Drone Roof Inspection

Drone Roof Inspection Save Time & Reduce the Risk of Expensive Repairs


Drone Roof Inspection


Qualified and Legal Drone Operations for Drone Roof Inspections

Recon Aerial offers drone roof inspections and roof inspections for insurance purposes. Our roof inspection services via drone photos and 4K video leave no stone unturned or shingle unchecked. Evaluate the condition of your roof and address minor problems before they become a major expense.


Hire Fully Qualified Drone Professionals & Get the Work Done Right

A drone roof inspection can help you evaluate the condition of all roof structures including, shingles, drains, eaves, downspouts, drains, metal flashing, soffit, fascia, vents to ensure proper water drainage.

Having a documented record of the condition of your roof could prove invaluable in the case of a weather event that causes significant damage. It will be easier to demonstrate the condition before and after a weather event. Many insurance adjusters now employ drone services companies to conduct drone roof inspections themselves to evaluate roof conditions when assessing claims.

Recon Aerial can also provide Roof Reports via our software partner for estimate purposes. Our reports calculate and measure your roof faces making it very easy to solicit and estimate repairs.


Quickly Assess Common Roof Defects in Minutes using Drones

Drone roof inspections are safe and quick but it’s NOT about the drone. It’ about assessing the condition and making sure your roof is healthy, drones just make it easy and quick to complete an inspection.

Why would you conduct a drone roof inspection? To save money of course. It will pay dividends to inspect and fix minor issues before they become major issues. Yes, in many cases insurance will cover the expense BUT your insurance costs year over year may increase, insurance companies are not in business to lose money.

Common defects that can be easily and quickly found during a residential drone roof inspection are physical damage and holes to roof structures from tree branches, splitting and curling or lifting shingles, surface loss on asphalt shingles, hail damage, missing flashing kick-outs, damaged or missing chimney crickets, missing or damaged gutter aprons, vent flashing failure, and more.

The reason that it’s important to inspect and correct roof issues are that damaged roofs allow water to infiltrate and this can create mold and rot the wooden structures of your house. Typically, if water gets in your house where it was not designed to be, this can cause mold-related health issues, and not to mention this will devalue your property.

Water also commonly runs to openings in the vapor barrier, such as ceiling light fixtures, which can present a fire hazard.

Importantly it’s not just your roof and substructure that can become damaged, clogged gutters on your roof can create water pooling along your foundation that in major rainfall events can very quickly cause $10,000’s in damages that may not be covered by insurance.


Why Complete a Drone Roof Inspection?


Commercial Drone Roof Inspections


Protect What is Making you Money

Commercial roofs are no less immune to damage by mother nature and the elements. Drone roof inspections for commercial buildings make sense given the significant damage water can cause to the building envelope and building contents.

If you own or manage a building and the roof leaks it will damage the building structure. However, leaks can also impact tenants and cause business continuity issues. Tenants who can’t deliver products or services who have suffered a direct loss resulting from the inaction of a building owner or property management company may have recourse for civil litigation resulting in significant costs well beyond the repair costs to the structure itself.

A drone roof inspection of a commercial building does take a little longer but will allow you to assess the wind uplift on flashing, blow-off and billowing, tented flashing, ponding water, damage from foot traffic (punctures), evidence of shrinkage such as pulling off the flashing and/or surface crazing and cracking, blistering, ridging, splitting and more.

Drone roof inspections are generally less than $1499 and are worth every penny. Drone roof inspections provide a very easy, safe way to assess the condition of the most important part of your home, your business, or your business, which is your roof.