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What Does Recon Aerial do for You?

Do you need a Gatineau Drone Company to shoot excellent drone media for your project in Gatineau? If yes, you have come to the right place!

Consider Recon Aerial your local Gatineau drone company. Our response time always beats expectations, and we complete drone media projects in less than a week once we have been hired. Most often our clients receive the drone photos and/or drone videos often the next day after the drone flight operation by data transfer or courier.

Drone photos are shot either 16:9, 4:3 or 3:2 in raw format to maximize editing potential.

Drone videos are typically shot in 4k unless the project demands less. Either way at 24-60 frames per second Recon Aerial delivers smooth, high-quality results.

Recon Aerial drone photos and videos are used in project development briefs, property development videos, promotional videos, project development videos, confidential information memorandums, internal pitch decks, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and of course social media. Drone photos and video are used just about anywhere companies need aerial photos/video to highlight and provide more depth and context to a project.

Why Use Drone Photos or Videos in your Next Project?

* Your competition is using drone media

* Feature large commercial footprints more easily

* Provide a uncommon, eye catching perspective

* Add emphasis to your project

* Create more appealing marketing material

* Be Innovative & use cost-effective, new technology

* Create broader, contextual links

* Show possibilities linked to project

* Highlight assets not normally seen

* Put your best foot forward


Both drone photos and drone video offer a unique perspective. Drone media available through your local Gatineau drone company will provide punch and context to your next project.


Benefit of Drone Photos and Video

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Great Drone Service Provider In Gatineau, Great Results

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Why Choose Recon Aerial as you Drone Service Provider in Gatineau?

When you hire Recon Aerial as your local Gatineau drone company we will exceed your expectations and that the work will be completed legally and professionally on time and of course on budget.

Recon Aerial uses Transport Canada approved advanced pilots for all operations AND we are proud to have Transport Canada Flight Reviewer status able to flight-test new pilots in Canada.

Recon Aerial is fully insured with both CGL and Aviation Liability insurance . Our projects have taken us from the middle of nowhere to downtown Toronto and all points in between.

Some of our clients are Trinity, Manulife-Colliers, Jabco, Blik TV, Pascal Productions, Circle K, Pomerleau Construction, Site Cast, Cicada Designs, CPD, Circle K, Riocan, District Realty and JLL to name a few. We know Gatineau well; but we know how to get incredible commercial drone photos and videos even better!

Recon Aerial has provided drone media and data across all sectors from energy to film, from construction to mapping. We have been in business for 5 years, since the start of the industry in Canada and have conducted hundreds of drone missions and 1000’s of drone flights in every class of controlled airspace. Please select to see Samples of Our Work,  and please see our drone services pricing.


Gatineau Drone Company - Creative and Professional Experience Matters!

We have the experience to get the shots with very little explanation or hand-holding, we are creative project management professionals.

We understand how to conduct safe drone operations and we have an incident free flight record with no occurrences or accidents. Though our pricing is fair and related to both our experience and results, we don’t encourage clients to use cheaper, less experience drone services providers. If you hire a professional Gatineau drone company you will get the work done right AND you will get the drone photos and video footage you expect!

Get In Touch!

Please contact us to find out how easy and reasonable it is to add quality aerial photos and videos to your media project.  Please call or email your first-in-class Gatineau drone company. Our pricing is fair and we have the commercial aerial expertise to get the work done right!  Please give call 1-613-762-7711, email, or simply set up a Calendly meeting!