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Underwater Drone Inspections

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Professional Underwater Inspection Company

Though Recon Aerial is first and foremost an aerial services company we also provide inspection services as an underwater inspection company. Underwater ROVs or remotely operated vehicles are used in several industries to get eyes on your assets. An underwater drone can be easily deployed to quickly assess and complete the underwater inspection of bridges, piers, dams, penstocks, and other related critical infrastructure.

Very often underwater drone inspections act as a first look to more safely assess the conditions of a submerged asset BEFORE putting people into a challenging environment.  Not only is his approach safer but drone inspections can save the project team considerable time since they can plan what’s needed prior to sending a dive team into the water.

Underwater ROV Inspections Service Company

Recon Aerial applies the same project management strategy to underwater operations as we do to aerial operations.  Recon Aerial is an experienced and professional drone service provider with over 1000 operational hours conducting unmanned operations.  We conduct underwater drone inspections using the Chasing M2Pro.

This submersible remotely operated vehicle or submersible drone allows us to conduct visual inspections down to 500 feet with a maximum reach of 650 feet. The M2Pro drone is powered by various high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and has a direct power option for uninterrupted services. In addition, the M2Pro has a USBL option for cable-free navigation as well as a multi-beam sonar (transducer array) for object detection.

Need to go deeper? We can deploy the Deep Trekker Revolution, which reaches depths down to 1000 feet.


Underwater Inspection Equipment

Chasing M2Pro for underwater inspections - Recon Aerial

Use Cases for Underwater Drone Inspections

under water inspection company for dam inspections using submersible drone

Underwater Inspection Company for Critical Infrastructure

One of the most compelling uses for underwater drone inspections is for the inspection of critical infrastructure.  ROV’s or underwater drones have been long used to quickly assess the conditions of bridges, dams, penstocks, cables, water tanks and towers,  locks, and more. 

Visual inspections allow clients to quickly assess scouring, cracks, pitting, corrosion, and other significant defects that may indicate materials fatigue and/or impact the structural integrity of a given asset.  The goal of our work is to provide data to the client that allows them to understand the state of their infrastructure providing the opportunity to make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs. Want to learn more about other Recon Aerial Drone Inspections go HERE.

marine and hull inspections using ROV

Inland Waterways

Inland waterways with ports, piers, caissons, wharves, dock systems, dock pilings, canals and locks provide ample ground where underwater drone inspections pay dividends.  In addition, the inspection of ferries, tankers and other boat hulls and related equipment can provide key insights.

Consistent with critical infrastructure inspections, the assessment of these systems is no less important and can be vital to their smooth, hassle-free operations.  The use of drones for quick visual inspection showing in real-time the condition of a given asset will provide important information that allows businesses to continue to operate smoothly without interruption.

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Inspections of Municipal Infrastructure

Recon Aerial as an underwater inspection company can facilitate the inspection of municipal infrastructure. Municipalities can leverage underwater drone inspections for potable water tanks, bridges, culverts and water intakes. Submersible ROV can help city officials identify issues and provide reliable visual inspection data to help resolve these challenges. 

Safety is our first concern, for our personnel but also for our clients’ systems. We follow a strict disinfection protocol. We use a Health Canada and EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant, which is applied to the underwater drone, the cable, the reel, light and any component that enter the potable water system, it is 100% biodegradable and non-corrosive.

underwater environmental and biological surveys

Aquatic Environments

Underwater ROV services can be used to conduct inspections of aquaculture facilities to help ensure the integrity of these systems. Underwater reconnaissance can also be used to help conduct biological surveys, help evaluate spawning conditions and document general habitat conditions. Notably, civil construction companies can take steps to document the prior condition of underwater shoreline habitats to ensure no adverse effects are imposed on these sensitive systems and if so actions can be taken to mitigate the impacts.

Further, in cases where spills have occurred, underwater inspections may help assess the extent to which a water course has been impacted.

The M2Pro In Action - Conducting Underwater Inspections