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About Recon Aerial

Recon Aerial is a commercial drone service provider specializing in enterprise UAV inspections, and drone media capture in complex flight environments.

Recon Aerial is a drone inspection specialist for dams, bridges, wind turbines, roofs, solar infrastructure, building facades, stacks, and other similar elevated assets.

We provide aerial expertise for mapping and surveying services, drone data processing, AutoCAD linework creation, construction project monitoring, land development, and we also conduct confined space entry inspections using drones.

Recon Aerial also offers underwater drone (ROV) inspection services for dams, locks, ships, docks, and more.

We capture stunning 4K+ aerial content for film, TV, video production agencies, commercial real estate, property development, advertising, and much more! With thousands of flights, multiple areas of expertise Recon Aerial can get the job done.