Drone Manufacturers & Drone Equipment Specialists

These are our recommendations for preferred drone manufacturers, sensor makers, drone software specialists, insurance companies, companies that provide drone financing and companies that provide drone training.  These companies set themselves apart in their respective areas of drone expertise. We recommend each and either has a working relationship, a distributorship or we simply love what they offer and what to recognize their hard work!

Our aim is to bring our future workflow clients and ultimately Recon Aerial clients the best the drone industry has to offer in order to develop solutions that solve real problems.  We will build out our relationships as we gain momentum and you will see new preferred drone suppliers added frequently since there are new and amazing developments happening all the time.

Rotocraft Drone Suppliers

aeryon labs logo

Aeryon Labs

Specialty: Public Security & Military

In a word, “ummatched“!  Aeryon is an incredible company setting the standard in for VTOL drone use in public security.


Draganfly Innovations

Specialty:Public Security, Aerial Imaging

Great products, great knowledge base and great software at a great price.

draganfly guardian

Micro Multicopter

Specialty: Agricultural Spraying, Police, Fire

If you haven’t heard of these guys you should. Hydrogen powered drone that has a 100 kms range and 4.5 hr+ flight time!?! Yes.

mmc drone


Specialty: Prosumer, Film

Love em or hate em you have to respect what they have done and know they will continue to produce great products and encourage others to up their game.

dji inspire


Specialty: Anything Airborne

Very impressive. The naked “Ducatti” of drones beautifully engineered sums up Gryphon Dynamics UAVS. They have  4 models to choose from having a unique arms off breakdown system that few manufacturers have perfected.

steadidrone logo


Specialty:Inspection & Heavy Lift

If you have heartbeat you’ll agree that the Mavrik and the Vader by Steadidrone are simply dead sexy! Very appealing and very well built. The unique battery configuration gets the camera out from under the drone and upfront for optimum inspection performance characteristics. Nicely done.

maverick by steadidrone


Specialty: Inspection & Extended Flight

Both interesting and unique, Quanterium offers 2 models, the Hybrix and the Spidix. The Hybrix as the name suggests combines petrol and electic to fuel flights and boasts 2 hr flight time with a 5 kg payload. Impressive.

aeronavics logo


Specialty: All Weather Inspection & Heavy Lift

Some good work is going on right next to Down Under in New Zealand!  Aeronavics offers and incredibly robust line of VTOLs speced out with top notch sensors as desired and impressive flight times. Their Navi demonstrates a particularly unique design feature, do you see what it is?

aeronavics navi drone
grypyon drone logo

Gryphon Dynamics

Specialty: Multi-rotor

Now these guys are impressive. Gorgeous, incredibly built tech with various integration options. They built one thing the and built it extremely well, the Altura Zenith. You will understand this name once you see it.

gryphon x8 drone
ukrspectsystems logoukrspectsystems logo

UKR Specsystems

Specialty:Military & Public Sercurity

Spec Systems have cut their teeth supplying a superior UAV to the Ukranian military. It has great endurance, redundancy, and various payload options. Its simple ground station hits it out of the park! Pound for pound this should give the Aeryon Ranger a run.

ukr spectrsystems pc1 uav for military
vulcan uav logo

Vulcan UAV

Specialty: Commercial & Industrial UAVs

Vulcan UAV design and manufacture custom drone solutions for industrial and commercial use. Unusual and difficult applications often involving heavy and high value payloads are their speciality.

vulcan uav mini8 dronev

Fixed Wing Drone Suppliers

event38 logo

Event 38 Unmanned Systems

Specialty: Mapping & Precision Agriculture

Amazing product, amazing price. The client support and response times are about the best we’ve seen. For fixed wing agriculture mapping it’s hard to beat.

event38 drone
lehmann aviation logo

Lehmann Aviation

Specialty: Mapping & Precision Agriculture

Unique modular designs allows Lehmann Aviation to standout. The LA500 Series represents one of the best values of any fixed wing UAV on the market!

lehmann aviation la500 rtk uav
precision hawk logo

Precision Hawk

Specialty: Agriculture, Energy & Mining

Proven fixed wing drone systems with host of services backing them up including a algorithm market place for agriculture, Datamapper.



Specialty: Mapping

Sensifly (Parrot) has deep roots and offers drone packages with everything you’ll need for mapping and surveying including Pix4d software.


Sensor Makers & Drone Peripherals

Parrot sequoia camera and sensor


Specialty: Precision Agriculture

The Sequoia is a great product. Multispectral sensor,16 mb rgb camera, geopositioning, ready made for precision agriculture and a great price point.

sequoia s


Specialty: Precision Agriculture

The Rededge is a class leading 5 band multispectral sensor coupled nicely to Atlas data management software.

micasense red edge sensor review
Sentera Logo (PRNewsFoto/Sentera)


Specialty: Precision Agriculture

Sentera offers several sensor/camera options for precision agriculture and various price points.

sentera multispectral sensor review


Specialty: Thermal Imaging

Flir sets the standard for thermal imaging via UAV and their partnership with DJI confirms their position in the marketplace.


Drone Software and Services

drone deply logo recon aerial media preferred supplier

Drone Deploy

Specialty: Cloud Based Drone Software

Industry specialized cloud based tools for precision agriculture, mapping, construction, mining and more. One of the first to produce credible cloud based mangement of  3D models and orthomosaics, simply one of the best drone software providers! Open platform, data from any drone can be uploaded and professionals can use the drone deploy app to autonomously manage data collection.

skyward logo


Specialty: Drone Operations Management

This cloud-based drone operations management software scales from start-up to enterprise. Skyward includes flight planning and logging, maintenance tracking and a drone airspace map that simplifies complex aviation rules. Skyward allows you to easily meet regulatory and insurance requirements so you can focus on running your business.

maps made easy logo

Maps Made Easy

Aerial Map Processing & Hosting

Create georeferenced orthophoto maps and 3D models with ease, take stockpile assessments, process NDVI images and fly autonomously using the Map Pilot App for iOS. Technically savvy this group is incredibly responsive just like their platform, no gimicks just quality software at a great price.

pix 4d logo recon aerial media preferred supplier


Specialty: Drone Based Mapping

Pix4D is one of the leaders in drone mapping and their software enjoys extensive drone sector integration. Pix4D has numerous partnerships and affiliations with some of the industries best.



Specialty: 3D Modelling of UAV Images

Agisoft excels at 3D modelling in various contexts and produces accurate digital elevation models, referenced orthomosaics and easily handles distance, areas and volumes. They’ve been around a while and with good reason.

data mapper logo

Data Mapper

Specialty: Precision Agriculture

DataMapper hosts a variety of algorithms within their online marketplace and are uniquely positioned having Precision Hawk standing at the ready. Drone based mapping and analytics is their focus and like so many they have aligned themselves with DJI to over an full farm integrated solution.


Analist Group

Specialty: Traffic Accident Reconstruction

An Autodesk partner who have also integrated Pix4D into their workflow the Analist Group offers a niche product that adds immense value to public safety and security by offering an traffic accident reconstruction workflow.



Specialty: Data Processing & Mapping

We have to tip our hats to the Aussies, they are early adopters of drone tech. Getting it right is Propeller offering cloud based mapping tools for various sectors. They have a keen eye on work flow and THANK YOU they do not limit users  on their monthly subscription plans.


Capturing Reality

Specialty: 3D Modeling

Capturing Reality promises a very fast user experience from this stand alone 3D modelling creation. Align up to 500 x 12mb images in under ten minutes. They claim to be incredible accurate and their promo pricing offer a nice break to some of the more expensive software options for the same.

vitual surveyor logo

Virtual Surveyor

Specialty: Volumetrics Surveys

Virtual surveyor has it’s feet firmly rooted in stockpile assessments and volumetric analysis for various sectors, like aggregates and mining. This stand alone software has also considered workflow by ensuring that rendered maps can be integrated into CAD and GIS software.


Drone Compiler

Specialty: Drone Compliance Software

Drone Compiler offers a full suite of service related to maintaining and management drone operations. Checklists, logbooks, invoice and payments drone airspace maps and more.

autodesk logo


Specialty: 3D Modelling & BIM

Autodesk is no stranger to anyone. They are definitely worth considering since products like Recap 360 offer some of the same 3D modelling features at a fraction of the cost of more robust builds. Also integration of aerial data into their building information modelling (BIM) begins to provide real value to construction and architecture.

Drone Financing and Drone Insurance

powered by grow logo recon aerial media preferred supplier


Specialty: Personal Loans <30K

Grow is fast becoming a leader in personal loans in Canada. Rates start at 4.8% and they boast no fees and a 24 hr turn around.


Accentium Capital

Specialty: Business Loans/Leasing

Accentium Capital is a very securitized lender based out of the US lending to US clients. The offer small business loans of up to 250K and leasing options up to 1.5 Million. They are very eager and fully support lending within the UAV sector.

air1insurance logo200V2


Specialty: UAV Insurance (Canada)

Air1Insurance excel in offering insurance products to the aviation and fast growing UAV marketplace. They are key Recon Aerial Media partners offering insurance throughout Canada specializing in aviation and UAV insurance. We highly recommend their services the always offer sound and practical advice and provide excellent insurance products at great prices.

lloyds syndicate insurance

Lloyds Syndicate

Specialty: UAV Insurance (Canada)

Lloyds is a world leader in insurance. They offer our Canadian partners excellent rates and Recon Aerial Media great assurance knowing that on the home front we are well taken care of.

hub international aviation insurance logo

Hub International

Specialty: Aviation Insurance

If you find better UAV insurance coverage in Canada at a better price we will be VERY suprised. Even better Brad and his team offer excellent services.

borrowwell logo

Borrow Well

Specialty: Personal Loads <35K (Canada)

Borrow Well rates start at 5.6%, their testimonials are impressive and they claim to simply lending to Canadian households and families.

cmi logo recon aerial media preferred supplier

Canadian Mortgages

Specialty: Home Equity Loans (Canada)

Canadian Mortgages Inc. offers a home equity option to those who may wish to take advantage of lower rates but utilizing their homes equity to leverage capital.

uav systems internationl recon aerial media preferred supplier

UAV International

Specialty: Insurance and Leasing

UAV International strives to provide global insurance solutions as well as leasing options specifically to and within the UAV industry.

Drone Pilot Training and Vetting

areobotika recon aerial media preferred supplier


Specialty: Drone Training

With a focus on UAV flight training and ground school Aerobotika has built out their knowledge base through real word experience surveying, mapping, agriculture and stockpile analysis. They are a trusted partner with Recon Aerial and also offer UAV consulting services.



Specialty: Drone Training

Dart Drones are a leader in drone training with the US. They also offer commercial drone consultation and specialize in training for emergency services.

pilottraining logo recon aerial media preferred supplier


Specialty: Drone Training

Though we prefer hands on training Pilottraining.ca offers an online course to Canadian flight specialists who need to be trained to the TP15263E standard.

Waterloo Wellington FC

Specialty: Drone Training

Another great Canadian company with their roots firmly in aviation. The WWFC has been training for years and brings an incredible amount of expertise to the UAV industry. Their UAV flight training boasts an instructor with an incredible resume not to mention 10 world championships in RC helicopter flying. If you have ever attempted to fly one it you know how significant that accomplishment is!

Post Production & Data Processing

AAMGST Geospatial

Specialty: Geospatial Solutions

A great company with some of the smartest people you will ever talk to, yet truly gracious and great to work with. Experts in photogrammetry/LIDAR classification, 3D mapping, DTM, DSM, DEM, orthomosaics, aerial triangulation across all sectors and experts in all the associated software, when off the shelf won’t do these guys will figure it out.

View My Golf

Specialty: Image Post Processing

We have done a lot of outsourcing work over the years and from top to bottom we have seen it all. The staff at View My Golf are top notch. They are patient, accommodating and an utter delight to work with. Iterative work with video processing can be frustrating and time consuming, these guys are unflappable and take the time to get it right.

If you would like to work with us please send us an email to start a conversation!