Fly My Drone in the US on Vacation


For those Canadians and other foreign nationals looking to take their drone to the US for some on vacation flying it is permitted and easy. The quote below is directly from the FAA FAQ page.

“…. If you want to operate your UAS exclusively as model aircraft (hobbyist non-commercial) you must complete the steps in the web-based registration process and obtain a ”recognition of ownership.” This recognition of ownership is required by the Department of Transportation to operate a model aircraft in the United States.”

model-aircraft-useage The link to the web-based registration is above and I went through it to test the process. I timed it at about 5 minutes (10 if you type slowly). Seriously though, couldn’t be more straight forward! After you confirm your account using the link above just select “Model Aircraft” and work your way through the prompts.

Once completed you can select the print link which opens up in Adobe where you can either print it or download. I suggest both printing AND sending yourself and email copy with the registration as a PDF attachment. Technically, it’s a “recognition of ownership” if you are a foreign national but same difference as the saying goes.

I have attached my registration so you can see what it looks like, costs 5 bucks, good for 3 years.

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