Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping, A Modern Tool

Recon Aerial specializes in drone mapping services and aerial drone surveys to create various outputs for civil and road works, drone rail inspections, power and utility planning, energy infrastructure planning, slope analysis, mining and aggregates,  land-use management, biological surveys and environmental surveys, property development, urban planning, commercial real estate and information for many other sectors and purposes.

The direct file exports from our drone mapping software include:

– 3D model (.obj)
– point cloud (.las)
– elevations contours 1,2,3,5 feet (AutoCAD, .dxf)
– digital terrain model contours 1,2,3,5 feet(AutoCAD, .dxf)
– plant health and,
– geo-referenced orthomosaics.

drone mapping image recon aerial

Drone mapping and surveys, are incredibly valuable as a planning tool, and are increasingly being used by engineers, architects and planners to enhance their awareness of a property, to plan and add value to their work. The power of aerial drone mapping and surveying lies in the exhaustive data produced, which provides comprehensive visual representation. Traditionally survey techniques are slow, considerably more expensive. Though these techniques produce accurate, detailed information, the purpose of a traditional survey is to act as a reference point, NOT to provide data for advanced integration into BIM, AutoCAD, and similar 3D modeling software suites.

Drone Mapping & Site Planning

Drone Mapping Project Description

The map above was created for one of 3 parking lots owned by a client both north and south of Boulevard, Albert Mondou. The aim of the mapping mission was to provide a standard export package such that the client could get a view of their entire site to plan its redevelopment.

Recon Aerial flew this mapping mission in approximately 1.5 hours taking approximately 859 images. The required ground sampling distance (GSD) was 1.0 in/px or 2.5 cm/pix.

Once we conduct a mapping mission or aerial drone survey to gather the required data we output a 3D model, point cloud, elevation and digital terrain model. Using the drone survey data we can create site plans and pdf exports that incorporate site features, roads, setbacks, property lines, etc as overlays.

This work is multifaceted and though the result of processing via drone survey software is not a legal survey, that’s not the point. It’s an extraordinary useful information set, which can be used in initial rezoning applications and inform other discussions with municipalities and townships regarding real estate and development.

drone mapping to improve site planning

Perhaps this property owner should have contacted a drone mapping specialist!

Property Design, Planning & Construction - Added Value

Recon Aerial was tasked with conducting a drone mapping and surveying mission to assist an architectural firm in placing a home on a 10 ace, waterfront lot. Recon flew 3 flight missions at 170, 220 and 250 feet over 2.0 hrs taking approximately 800 images at various GSDs. In addition, Recon took still images and video, separate from the mapping mission, to provide greater detail about natural features of the site.

The lot shown above is obscured by trees and with considerable elevation changes. Traditionally, the architect/planner may need to visit the building site several times to ensure the proper placement of the dwelling in relation to setbacks, the elevation profile, property lines, sight-lines, access to the waterfront, etc, not so in this case.

Recon Aerial flew the property once and provided the standard drone mapping and aerial survey data package. The architect used the data to produce the planning exports seen below. According to the architect, the data was pivotal in allowing them to fully understand the site details, place the home correctly in relation to the natural site features and meet their clients’ constraints in relation to the build and to the covenants held with the purchase agreement.  In fact, additional planning in relation to a road was required given the substantial elevation changes revealed via the aerial drone survey.

Drone Mapping to Approximate Property Boundaries

Sample Drone Mapping AutoCAD Planning Documents

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