Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping

Drone Mapping, A Modern Tool

Recon Aerial specializes in drone mapping to create various outputs for civil and roads work, drone rail inspections, power and utility planning, land-use management, biological surveys including nesting surveys and media to augment species at risk surveys, property development, commercial real estate and many other sectors.

Mapping outputs include geo-referenced orthomosaics, .las point clouds, vegetation encroachment mapping, digital elevation models and 3D models.

These drone tools can be useful and are found in a software suite that allows for inspection/issue annotation and collaboration.

Once our mapping project is complete we can provide editor access to the software allowing our clients to communicate quickly and effectively with internal rail inspectors and rail maintenance teams.

Drone Mapping to Approximate Property Boundaries

Recon Aerial can provide survey boundary approximations using aerial imaging. We also provide aerial surveying accurate to approximately 3-5cm however, this level of detail and expense may not be required in all cases.

We complete theses approximations using various tools but with adequate reference information, we are able to overlay surveys and plans on to high-resolution mapping images.

The result of processing via drone survey software is NOT a drone topographic survey that can be used for legal purposes BUT it’s can be used to roughly determine the boundary and the position of structures and other assets in proximity to property boundary lines.

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