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recon aerial drone services Recon Aerial Drone Services

Recon Aerials' focus is on the renewable energy sector as well as drone work various other commercial & industrial applications

Recon Aerial undertakes drone services operations to inspect wind turbine blade inspections to identify, quantify and qualify defects. We report on cracks, leading-edge erosion, delamination, hail damage, and various other blade defects; this is particularly useful prior to blades coming off warranty. 

Recon Aerial also conducts photovoltaic (solar) facility inspections to identify, qualify and report on various material defects and abnormalities using drones + infrared sensors (IR).

We offer Ai based defect recognition and access to data-management platforms to make it simple to review and share blade/solar defect information and defect reports.

In every case where we employ Ai-based defect recognition, defects are checked by trained and experienced personnel to rule out false positives. We also undertake manual quality reviews to ensure the sensitivity of the recognition algorithm adequately identifies all known defects.

Recon Aerial also provides drone service for drone bridge inspections, drone cell tower inspections, drone rail inspections, drone building facades, rooftop inspections, mechanical/electrical inspections, and more. Recon Aerial also provides creative content to film, TV, commercial real estate, and property development

Select the green button directly below to download the Recon Aerial Drone Services Info Sheet to learn more about Recon Aerial drone services specifically for industrial/commercial drone inspections.

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