Commercial Drone Services

Categories of Commercial Drone Services

This is an incredibly broad description of what we do and it’s no accident, we cover many commercial drone services applications!

If you don’t see the commercial drone application that you are looking for described below please give us a quick call or drop us an email. We’ll let you know right away how we can help, and if we can’t we’ll point you in the right direction.

Recon Aerial Media offers drone services throughout Canada in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, and other major Canadian cities. We can also provide aerial inspection services in the US under the DOT rules in accordance with NAFTA.  We can offer our US clients a very competitive rate on drone services given the favorable USD to the CDN exchange rate.

drone services multimedia applications

Drone Services - Multimedia Marketing Applications

DRONE MULTI-MEDIA AND MARKETING IMAGERY offers an incredibly affordable new point of view. No longer does cost confine the perspective you can present. Drone services offer stunning images and video to complement any advertising, communications, social media campaign, or marketing endeavor.

Using Recon Aerial Media commercial drone services, a potential client will be shocked to find that your business or project is incredible well represented with amazing visual content.

Recon Aerial Media offers commercial drone services specific to aerial photography such as:recon-aerial-media-multmedia-services

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Video & Images for TV, Social Media, Websites Media, Advertising
  • Cinematography and film
  • Asset Sales (Boats, Cars, etc.)
  • Virtual Tours for Golf Courses, Hotels, Resorts, Lodge, Parks B&B’s, Marinas
  • Land Development Media
  • Tour Experience Promotion
  • Events & Activities  Marketing
  • Action Sport Photography
  • School Sporting Events
  • Weddings, Anniversaries, and Parties
  • Promotional Aerial Imagery for Tourism
inspecting cell towers using drones

Commercial Drone Services – Inspection Applications

AERIAL INSPECTIONS and commercial drone services can save time, money and can offer a new perspective to ensure your structural assets are in good working order. Most importantly, utilizing drone services limits the risk to workers tasked with undertaking inspections at height.

Engineering surveys for bridges, dams, and other elevated structures will provide an up-close and detailed view of your assets. Drone services and images will offer you the ability to confidently assess their condition allowing you to focus your resources and time directly where they are needed. Eliminating or greatly reducing evaluation time frees up resources for other tasks, higher productivity simply makes your business more effective.

Recon Aerial Media Offers commercial drone services for inspections:recon-aerial-media-inspection-services

construction site surveys using a drone

Drone Services - Aerial Assessments and DataTransformation

AERIAL ASSESSMENTS AND DATA GATHERING can save time, money and will offer not only a new perspective but will offer actionable info that helps make better decisions. One of the fastest-growing sectors within the UAV marketplace is data gathering via aerial imaging. Image data can be processed via computer software to provide within the forestry sector, land management, mining/aggregates section, environmental management, and the agricultural sector to offer better insights.

Aerial assessments and data gathering within the agricultural sector provide key information like plant vigor, plant stress, plant counts, field uniformity, plant height among other variables. This information can be used to predict, the need for fertilizer inputs, peak harvest, overall crop health, and ultimately crop yield/value. Industrial farmers have been using these technologies for years since they allow for better business decisions. Since the explosion of drone recon-aerial-media-assessment-servicestechnology these techniques and the information they provide are less expensive and more readily available to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Recon Aerial Media Offers the following commercial drone services specific to assessments:

  • Visual Construction & Design Applications (BIM)
  • Park Planning, Forestry & Land Management,
  • Land Development & Urban Planning
  • Agricultural Assessments, Surveying
  • Volumetric Analysis of Stockpiles, for mining and aggregates
  • Aerial Thermal (infrared) Imaging (fire, search, and rescue, agriculture, security, etc)

Please get in touch, we would love to learn about what you do! We are eager to tell you how drones can be used to save you time, money or simply make your operations safer and more efficient!