Drone Real Estate Photography Services Ottawa

Drone Real Estate Photography Services Ottawa by Recon Aerial Media offers high quality real estate photography services for both residential and commercial listings.  Great real estate images will help you sell your property faster by getting more potential buyers through the door. It’s no secret and real estate agents know that selling properties is a numbers game. YES, a lot has to do with market conditions, timing, location, suitability, staging and other crucial factors BUT none of these matter if you do not get people in the front door. best realesate marketing video

Prior to making requests to see a property most if not all people do their research up front by checking out the listings. The bulk of this research is simply looking at PHOTOS.  This is where it is crucial to set your listing(s) apart! You as an agent or private seller need to show buyers the very best of what you have to offer early in the buying process.

Typically, individuals view about 10 properties before they buy. To put this in perspective as a seller let’s say you have a 10% chance of selling your house to each prospective buyer who walks through the door. If your images and media are sub-par you have a 0% chance of selling to a potential buyer because you will not generate foot traffic.   On the flip side if your photos and video attract more visits you greatly increase your odds as well as your turnaround time.

The average house price in Ottawa is $383K. Our starter package price is only 2% of the average commission. Bang for your buck nothing else can have such immediate and real result on sales.

Checkout the top sellers, their media is top notch and yours should be too!

Need an Amazing Real Estate Video Like This?

We offer high quality post production video with your logo sting leading the way front and center, an intro video by you should you choose, clean transitions and high quality text animations and more. We even offer a professional spokesperson to intro the property if your not quite feeling up to your superstar self! We're not just drone guys, we're marketing guys too!

Innovative 3D Models Available To Engage Your Clients!

This is a new and engaging way to present a property to potential home buyers. We overly the property taking approximately 120-150 images. The image are processed an we export the 3d model as either a link or we can help you embed the 3D real-estate model into your website. 3D real estate model

The result is an interactive image that allows home buyers to see the property from every exterior angle possible without leaving the comfort of their couch! Potential home buyers can click, rotate, zoom in and out to examine all of the exterior features of the listing.

We charge $299.00 for this services. From start to finish it takes approximately 8 hours to complete, including flight time. Most often we can provide access to the model the day after the drone flight.
This truly a unique service, wow your clients and potential purchasers by offering them something they probably don’t even know is possible!

Set the Stage for Success using Drone Real Estate Photography Ottawa

As an listing agent you know this market is incredibly competitive. With less than amazing photos you will spend more time trying to sell. Less turnover at the end of the day is simply less money earned. If you are private seller you also risk wasting your time and dealing with more uncertainty that you have to. Bottom line is that agents and homeowners who don’t give proper attention to presentation are reducing the odds of selling their house quickly.

Worse, houses that sit on the market suffer buyer fatigue and reduced pricing in order to revitalize interest. Still think real estate media doesn’t matter? It sure does it can impact how quickly your house and even the price. Don’t be left asking yourself how quickly it “could” have sold if you would have spent a couple extra hundred bucks on professional media.

Drone real estate photography services Ottawa by Recon Aerial Media provides drone real estate photography service the create eye popping  images and video of both exterior and interior of your listing. Our real estate photography images and video are simple, clean well executed  and will maximize your listing potential and set your property apart.


Get in touch! Our pricing is fair and we are flexible. We will even provide annual B2B discounts for agents interested in a long term working relationship. Not every property is suited to aerial footage but many are. Please give us a call 1-613-762-7711 or email we’re here to help! Please also note that we can create custom post production videos for social media and for inclusion in MLS etc.