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Drone Services Pricing

Drone Services Pricing for Media, Inspections, and Data Transformation

We have 3 drone pricing categories.

The 1st category is aerial imaging, which is the provision of stunning digital content (images & video) for use by our clients.

The 2nd is our drone inspection pricing category. Drone inspection work is typically conducted for physical assets, like bridges, building facades, or other elevated structures. Inspections can also be land based where clients are looking to inspect natural assets or monitor construction work sites for example.

The 3rd is our data transformation category. In this case, we not only gather the aerial data but also process the data. This requires great effort and greater expertise and can be highly specialized. Examples, in this case, would be mapping or 3D modeling.

Each drone services requirement includes our standard operational services:

drone franchise partnerships

  • Full Compliance with CAR SOR/96-433, Part IX

  • Advanced Certification Pilot Time

  • Setup/tear-down

  • Pre-mission Compliance Review

  • Risk Analysis and Control Measures

  • Site Survey & Flight Plan

  • SFOC for Flight Operations (as required)

  • Comms with Local Aerodromes (as required)

  • NAVCAN Controlled Airspace Deconfliction

  • 2 Million Minimum Aviation Liability Insurance

  • Additional Named Insured (as required)

  • Post Flight Maintenance Checks

  • Standard Data Management

  • Local Travel.


Please call us to discuss your drone service requirement, whether you are in Canada or the US. In most cases, we will turn-around you detailed estimate the same day.

Drone Services Pricing Information

Drone services pricing for media production includes images and video capture for TV and film productions, commercial real estate, website media, golf course virtual tours, events, advertising/marketing and more.

We also create in-house, in-expensive post production videos. If you are looking to create a short highlight video to market your project, we can help you directly. Your final cut will include a 3D logo sting entry, and music, graphics and messaging over your rich 4K video content.

For more complex requirements we will connect you with an industry leading production team capable of handling anything you can throw at them!

Drone services pricing

Infrastructure, utility and similar drone inspections can be more complex. Project planning is often more involved and the work is notably riskier and more difficult to perform give the proximity to assets.

The drone services pricing for inspections includes drone images and video capture for the inspection of bridges, construction sites, fire scenes and disaster areas, elevated structures, bridges, dams, oil and gas infrastructure and similar.  Of course, we are not limited to these or any category. If you think something is either quicker or safer to inspect by drone, that is very like the case and we can help. If you would like to discover other drone service applications please check out our drone service page for more!

blade inspection by UAV back and top

Gathering drone imaging media for data transformation and analysis is both complex and highly technical. This specialized work demands top tier expertise and specialty equipment to provide actionable information. Project planning, operational design, software integration, and workflow management are also nearly always complex.

The drone services for data transformation pricing includes; project management and planning, coordination with client teams, operational design, workflow management and adaptation, software integration, iterative quality management, and data interpretation. These basic principles are applied to traffic reconstruction, agricultural assessments, volumetric analysis, 3D modeling, mapping, thermal imaging and more.


Sample Drone Service Pricing

4 Hr Media Services


  • 4 Hour Total Service
  • Standard Operations Costs
  • Project Management & Planning

4 Hr Inspection Services


  • 4 Hour Total Service
  • Standard Operations Costs
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Strategic Review

4 hr Data Transformation


  • 4 Hour Total Service
  • Standard Operations Costs
  • Project Management & Planning
  • Workflow Design
  • Software Compatibility Review
  • Autonomous Flights (as applicable)
  •  Modelling and Interpretation
  • Reporting/Collaboration

Please Contact Us!

If you have questions about how drone work fits into your project/work OR you simply need a quick estimate, no worries at all...please drop us a line to chat. We will quickly answer your questions! We deliver In Flight Insight™!