Stockpile Assessments Using Drones

Flight Category:  Aerial Assessment
Typical Locations: Mines, Aggregate Producers, Gravel and Soil Distributors
Average Flight Time = 4Hrs
SFOC Required: Not Required in Many Cases

Stockpile Assessments Using Drones demonstrates a near perfect application of this technology. Incorporating aerial imagery with computer software analysis seriously reduces the assessment and estimations related to this work. What was typically complete over days and weeks can be done in hours and minutes and often with greater accuracy.

Drone and aerial work can assist project managers and owners assess stockpiles in several sectors such as::

  • Mining
  • Aggregate Producers
  • Aggregate Distributors
  • Landfill Management

Our Solutions

Land use inspections using drones can augment the assessment of these resources and provide these key benefits:

  1. Provide Stockpile Estimate Information Quickly
  2. Assist in Better Decision Making
  3. Optimize Physical and Human Resources