Residential and Commercial Building Inspections Using Drones

Flight Category: Aerial Inspection
Typical Locations: Residential Properties, Condos, New Suburb Developments
Average Flight Time = 1-2Hrs
SFOC Required: Nearly Always Required

Residential and Commercial Building Inspections Using Drones has when used in association with a qualified building inspector and/or engineering team can add value to their inspection or project management regime by conducting aerial overviews to assess the structures condition OR to assess the progress of a given development project.

Residential building inspectors can use UAVs to add value to their clients by offering a visual inspection video of the roof, eves, vents, skylights, flashing, shingles and related structures. This information can be used in real time to inform clients of the roof condition and the potential work/costs that may be required if the roof condition is sub-par.  In this case, captured video can also be used as the basis to withdraw from or renegotiate real estate offers to purchase.

In general, drone inspections of roofs and elevated residential property structures provides inspectors with a tool to quickly assess the condition of the roof and related structures while remaining safely on the ground.

Commercial development project managers can us drone technology to more quickly inspect larger development projects such as apartment and condo towers, suburbs as well as like commercial building. This unique perspective offers a quick way of assessing progress and provides a permanent record. In short, drone services can save time and free up high paid management resources.

Drone and aerial work both inform and assist decision makers by providing insights into various commercial and residential building inspections such as:

  • Progress Reporting on Large Scale Residential/Commercial Building Projects
  • Logistics Streamlining for Large Scale Residential/Commercial Building Projects
  • Building Envelope Condition Management/Reporting
  • Residential House Inspection

Our Solutions

Land use inspections using drones can augment the assessment of these resources and provide these key benefits:

  1. Provide Better Info & a Different Perspective
  2. Provide Opportunities for Better Decision Making
  3. Optimize Resource Use by Saving Time