Industrial Inspections Using Drones

Aerial Inspection of Industrial Assets
Industrial Plants
Average Flight Time = 3Hrs
SFOC Required: Not in All Cases

Industrial Inspections Using Drones drones covers a broad category of industrial assets that very often require an eyes on evaluation to ensure integrity, to evaluate operating performance and to adhere to strict maintenance protocols. Prevention is key to reducing loss and finding an easy way to evaluate industrial assets does not need to be  extraordinarily expensive. Using Recon Aerial is a simple and cost effective way to buy peace of mind.

In addition, the inspection of certain assets may be required by company policy or by law and therefore can provide an excellent way of documenting conformance and compliance.

Industrial inspections using drones can have many advantages. Principally, using a remotely controlled camera is nearly always better than putting people in harms way. Risky inspections can be avoided.

Certain assets, structures or industrial infrastructure can benefit from a lower risk, lower cost inspection regime offered by UAV inspections such as:


  • Drone Chimney & Aerial Inspection
  • Drone Oil and Gas Asset Infrastructure Assessments
  • Drone Environmental Monitoring for Oil, Gas and Mining
  • Drone Pipeline Aerial Inspection Survey
  • Drone Storage Tank Inspection for Tank Farms
  • Drone Storage Vessel Tank Inspection

Our Solutions

Industrial inspections using drones can augment your inspection regime and provide these benefits:

  1. Save Cost
  2. Save Down Time
  3. Reduce Occupational Risk

Recon Aerial Media via can save you money by providing visual data and confirmation that links to your risk mitigation strategies. Industrial Inspections using drones can also help reduce the time required to undertake inspections and reduce operational downtime.

Very importantly aerial imaging service via drone can help you  prevent mishaps arising from unnecessary hands on inspections. Why put people in harms way when there is a better way to manage your inspections?