Drone Tower Inspections & Elevated Structures Inspections

Drone Tower Inspections
Cell Towers, Hydro Towers and similar Elevated Structures
Average Flight Time = 1Hrs (varies with complexity)
SFOC Required: Location Dependent

Elevated asset inspections via UAV or drones cover a broad category of assets that very require an eye on evaluation to ensure the integrity and to evaluate the maintenance required to keep them in good working order. A prevention strategy is important to reduce loss. Using drones for inspections of towers and related structures is an extremely cost-effective way to collect data and to ensure everything is in order.

The inspection of certain assets may be required company policy or by law and therefore can provide an excellent way of documenting conformance and compliance, since image and video provide a permanent record.

The inspection of assets at height by UAV or drones has many advantages. Principally, using a remotely controlled camera is nearly always better than putting people in harm’s way. Risky inspections can be avoided.

Certain assets, structures or industrial infrastructure can benefit from lower risk, lower cost inspection regime offered by Recon Aerial Media as detailed below. However, one look at the image to the right will convince you that unnecessary mobilization of resources is very costly and should be avoided.

Drone Tower Inspections for Cell Transmission Towers and related  Elevated Structures

  • Drone Cell Towers Inspections
  • Drone Transmission Towers Inspections
  • Drone Water Towers Inspections
  • Drone Microwave Towers Inspections
  • Drone Lift Lines & Gondolas Inspections
  • Drone TV Towers Inspections
  • Drone Amusement Park Structures Inspections
  • Wind Turbines

Our Solutions for Drone Tower Inspections

In many of these applications there are 3 key benefits:

  1. Save Cost By Limiting Mobilization
  2. Save Down Time Through Prevention
  3. Reduce Occupational Risk by Limiting Work at Height

Recon Aerial Media can save you money by reducing the time required to undertake inspections and by reducing downtime.

Very importantly aerial imaging service via drone can help you prevent mishaps arising from unnecessary hands-on inspections. Why put people in harm’s way when there is a better way to manage your inspections?