Drone Insurance Inspections

Images and Video for Insurance Assessment
Insurance Assessments & Evaluation
Average Flight Time = 1Hrs
SFOC Required: In Most Cases

Drone Insurance Inspections is a new an burgeoning sector. The ability to easily and quickly assess exterior damage to lands, property and other assets offers new insights to the adjuster.  Typically regular photographs taken at eye level provide a picture of the strict damage involved but often do not offer perspective or context.

Aerial images and video used for insurance assessments can provide a broader context that might otherwise be missed.

UAV images and video from height may also offer predictive or preventative opportunities for companies to limit further loss.

Individual policy holders can also use drone technologies to document remote or 3 season dwelling to ensure that they remaining in conformance with their policy rules.

Drone Insurance Inspections

  • damage surveys for accidents, fire, flood and seismic activity
  • monitoring water levels in flood prone areas
  • monitor landslide or potential landslide areas
  • monitoring pollution events link to releases by named insured
  • monitoring of agricultural assets for named insured

Our Solutions – Drone Insurance Inspections

Industrial inspections using drones can augment your inspection regime and provide these benefits:

  1. Provide Timely Info
  2. Prevent Further Loss
  3. Reduce Risk

Recon Aerial Media via can save you money by providing visual data and confirmation that feeds your  risk mitigation strategies. Insurance inspections using drones can also help reduce the time required to undertake inspections speed up claim processing.

Very importantly aerial imaging service via drone can help you predict loss thereby saving you money and clients unnecessary aggravation.

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