Aerial Images and Video for Crisis Management

Images and Video for Crisis Management
Crisis Management, Rescue, Disaster, Fire, Environment
Average Flight Time = 1Hrs
SFOC Required: In All Cases (Standing SFOC Is Required)

Aerial Images and Video for Crisis Management has the potential to truly help organizations and individuals to reduce the impact related to these negative events. Imagine diesel spill in a lake: it’s difficult to assess the spill area from ground level but once in the air the extent of the release can be immediately known.

Better still imagine an apartment building on fire and having the ability to quickly survey the balconies and windows to determine the location of trapped individuals, it’s easy to see how such UAVs used in crisis management activities can be very effective.

Various sectors and response activities can benefit from lower risk, high benefit offered by UAV assessments such as:

Aerial Images and Video for Crisis Management

  • Drone Fire Scene Inspection
  • Drone Disaster Site Inspection
  • Drone Environmental Release Assessment
  • Drone Natural Disaster Response Assessment
  • Drone Search and Rescue
  • Drone Site Security & Monitoring
  • Drone Emergency Preparedness Evaluations

Our Solutions

Crisis management activities can be augmented using aerial imaging. You can expect these key benefits:

  1. Reduce Risk to Individuals
  2. Reduce Harm to People, the Environment & Assets
  3. Provide Timely Info to Aid in Making Effective Choices