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Wind Turbine Blade Inspections

Enterprise drone inspection solutions for Turbine Manufacturers, Wind Farm Owners and O&M Specialists looking to reduce risk, prevent expensive blade failures and resolve under performance issues that cost money. 


Documented Visual Records – Not Just Reports


Well documented, routine visual inspections form the basis of timely maintenance and provide a necessary chain of custody to help prevent or resolve end of contract warranty disputes and/or legitimize insurance claims.

Turn Key, Annualized Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Loss Prevention

Ultimately our goal is to identify wind turbine blade damage that can lead to expensive failures and to identify less critical but important issues that degrade performance. The data we provide is used by manufacturers, owners and O&M specialists to make effective engineering repair recommendations but it is also used to provide a baseline data to track blade status and wear progression.


The Right Tools in the Right Hands

The right tools for the job are crucial. Recon Aerial has access to the industries best in UAV and sensor equipment. We choose or build the UAV specific to the application. For turbine inspections we use  a custom built UAV with an over designed propulsion and navigation system for enhanced positioning  and stability. Getting into position and staying there are important.  The Recon AirX8 Pro is also redundant across various systems to ensure maximum safety while flying close to high value assets. recon air x8pro4 drone inspections 

Also critical is the data, the images we capture. We have affixed one of the best gimbals in the world to carry arguable the best camera in the world, the Sony A7RII. This is a flawless 5 axis stabilized full frame camera coupled with a Zeiss lens capable of capturing 42 mb of refined detail. Is it too much…maybe but we are NOT going to miss a thing.


Built-In Capacity

Recon Aerial Media is currently under subcontract to Siemens for wind turbine blade inspections throughout Canada. This massive undertaking will see us conduct up to 12000 blade inspections on over 1000+ wind turbines each year. This collective intelligence perfectly positions Recon to serve manufacturer’s owner/operators and O&M specialists alike throughout the wind industry across Canada and beyond. Recon has the know-how, work procedures and technical capacity to deliver loss prevention data that offers immense value.

Combining immense boots on the ground operational experience with the data from 1000’s of blade inspections we can easily highlight delamination and other types of repairs such as leading edge erosion and tip repairs. We can also easily classify lightning strikes, bird strikes and other classification of damages that lead to under performance and potentially blade failure. 


Leading Edge

To add greater value and to provide Wind Farm clients with a well rounded, complete loss prevention solution Recon will utilize Airfusion or similar data management and tracking solutions to make it easy for clients to review the volumes of data.

Airfusion is a machine based, data driven learning algorithm that automates the damage discovery and damage classification process specific to wind turbine blade morphology. short, Airfusion is a change detection software that we will use to learn and classify type of blade damage, to better identify and communicate issues.

Most importantly management software will allow us to collaborate and communicate damage discovery with our clients. This allows us to apply our experience and data to provide clients with faster and more timely information AND it allows client a critical space to feed back into the damage discovery process.


Comprehensive Solution

No one can be experts at everything. We understand this and this is why we have partnered with  industry leading O&M specialists with years of experience who interpret the data we collect and provide our clients with options. We are not experts in engineered solutions related to advanced blade repair but our partners are and can provide advanced blade inspection and repair services. Our partners will review the inspection data with owners to establish a specific plan to remedy problems that will maximize loss prevention, solve under performance issues and minimize downtime.


Real Time Interactive Inspections

Real Time inspections in a collaborative environment are also available. We have partnered with KSI Data Sciences, experts in low latency video streaming.KSILogo O&M experts can now direct physical inspections and works in real time in a browser based collaborative environment.  The UAV pilot on site can be linked to the experts anywhere in the world to resolve onsite issues quickly and efficiently. Turbine sites, oil and gas, mining and other industrial work environments can be remote BUT with access to cell reception we can eliminate communications gaps that stall  projects or cause delay in implementing engineered solutions.

Turbine Blade Inspection Service Agreements


Full Inspections Management


Data Provision for Review


Annual Service Agreement
  • 1 Annual Inspection of All Assets
  • Pre-mission Compliance Review
  • Risk Analysis and Control Measures
  • Site Survey & Flight Plan
  • Compliance Management
  • Regulatory Approval for UAV Operations
  • Drone Liability Insurance
  • Full Blade Surface Inspection (unlimited images)
  • Tower Image (upon request)
  • Hub and Nacelle Images (upon request)
  • Video upon request
  • Full License for all Media

What is the annualized cost for UAV Turbine Blade Inspections?

We are glad you asked! Use the basic estimation tool below to estimate the costs for either a complete WTI service agreement or the paired down WTI data only service agreement.

Inspection Calculator

Open Call to Partners

Strength in Numbers

If your business offers ancillary services to the wind energy market, whether your company sells products or services related to repairs and inspections, maintenance or related site services we would love to hear from you. We strongly believe that leveraging partner relationships makes every niche service provider better more capable to provide client services, no matter what they offer.

We are actively seeking highly skilled and qualified companies to add to our roster of service providers who excel in the following areas:

  • blade damage qualification

  • blade inspection 

  • blade repair

  • full service O&M contractors

  • software/data management solutions

  • drone franchise partnerships