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Enterprise Drone Solution

Here is a crazy idea!! Instead of buying a drone specific to each application why not buy one drone and fit the best platform independent sensor solutions to it? 


Recon Aerial Media Brings You The Recon AirX8 Pro.


The Recon AirX8 offers you modular capability to swap out sensors as your work demands. Need to survey? Hook up the platform independent L1/L2 GNSS receiver. A client needs you to checkout an elevated commercial asset? Swap in your quick release gimbal and inspection camera. Have a early season plant count job coming up? Simply attach your self calibrating, multi-spectral precision agriculture sensor. More flexibility, more options, more clients served, more revenue and less wasted time.


The Recon AirX8 allows you to do more and spend less!


Surveying Drone

recon ppk surveying drone

The Surveyor – Surveying, Mapping & Modelling  

The Recon AirX8 Pro Surveyor combines a dependable aerial system with the VMap PPK surveying sensor for extremely accurate data results using a dual frequency GNSS receiver. How accurate? You can expect horizontal circular accuracy to 2.4 cm vertical accuracy of 3.6 cm both at 95% confidence. Your new clients are surveying companies, construction companies and architecture and engineering firms. You new ability is to provide very accurate survey data rather than a load of pretty pictures without credible georeferencing.

The Surveyor drone is a full specification unit. Flights are controller by Pixhawk with a Here M8N compass and monitored by Mission planner using RFD900 long range telemetry radios. The AirX8s redundant propulsion system is fitted with quality KDE 4104XF or Tmotor U7 motors, escs and carbon fiber props. Your enterprise drone solution is reasonable compact and practically you can expect 25 minutes per flight. Practically what does this mean? You can survey approximately 10km or 6 miles of secondary highway at 70% frontlap/60% sidelap with ground sample resolution of 2.5cm/px. Unless you have BLVOS certification you are going to run out of real estate before you run out of flight time.

Once built, your drone is flight tested with the Vmap GPS L1/L2 20Hz  receiver (drone) and GPS L1/L2 20Hz receiver (base station) and with a configured Sony A6000. You will also receive the VMap rover pole mount kit for check shots and in comes with free software for post processing corrections.

Depending on the task at hand you will choose the software solution and how to process your data based on the clients requirement. However, we can help with that too! We have an independent geo-spatial processing team on standby using Agisoft, Pix4D and various other software applications that can help you define what is possible AND provide you with the best results via post processing.


Precision Ag Drone

recon x8 precision agriculture drone

The Agro – Precision Agriculture & Agriworks

The Agro enterprise drone solution brings together a robust aerial system with a self calibrating, multi-spectral sensor. The Slantrange 3P is unique, it allows you to cover 4x more area per flight than similar multi-spectral. This does two things, it either allows you to cover the same ground 4x faster or it allows you to do 4x the work, anyway you cut it you’re saving money.

It’s class leading, capable of frame by frame characterization solar irradiance (light levels) AND has sufficient resolution and sensitivity to isolate key plant signatures from background clutter. What does this mean? You can provide your clients with mission critical information the same day like, crop population statistics, weed populations, stress conditions, canopy closure (yield estimates) and yield potential.

Aerial agri-works is complex and requires a considerable investment of time and resources but if you are ready, we are ready to support you.  Understanding this complexity, Recon Aerial Media has partnered with Slant Range and we are currently sourcing an agronomy team to provide specialized feed back to you based on your clients specific crop, soil conditions, ground truthing, historical context and of course based on your client’s goals. 

Once built, your unit is flight tested with the Slantrange 3p multi-spectral sensor.  The mission critical software backing up this expert solution is also produced by Slantrange and truly adds a great deal of value. However, the data and images can be used with any 3rd party software designed to process multispectral imaging.

Recon Aerial is investigating a team based approach to data analysis and processing through a dedicated 3rd party provider. Ultimately, the goal is to bring together a shared processing and problem solving solution. We don’t want everyone struggling to solve the same complex problems, the goal is to get your clients better answers faster.


Inspection Drone

recon x8 pro inpsector drone2

The Inspector – Aerial Asset Inspections

Very often aerial asset inspections are not technically complex BUT they can be extremely hard on the nerves! Flying in close proximity to engineering assets is not for the faint of heart. However, our package will afford additional security in a few ways.

First,  you can use any Sony Camera that has a multiport. This gives you no less than 36 Sony cameras/camcorders to choose from including many with optical zoom. You choose, we make it happen and we have few standard options such as the A6000 with either the 18-200mm (10x) or the Ziess 18-105mm lens.  Now…don’t get all hung up on zoom, getting close may be important BUT if your lens is sharp and your sensor captures 24mb images, you will be able to equal or better image details in  in post production.  The A6000 is not the only choice but a smart one since you can also use this camera in combination with your GPS L1/L2 survey receivers for aerial surveying. Remember the modular design we mentioned? We’re looking to help you squeeze every dollar of usefulness out of your equipment.

Second, the inspection package includes Connex HD to ensure the solid delivery of  high quality images. The HD Connex offers VERY low latency image transfer so you can be sure of what you are looking at with very little lag in transmission.

Third and most important your enterprise drone solution for inspections comes with a beefed up navigation system. Your primary compass is Real Time Kinetic (RTK) meaning cm level positioning accuracy.The RTK system is backed up by GPS blending using a Here M8N compass as a redundant navigation system. To bolster positioning further we have added a LightWare SF11/C laser altimeter. The laser altimeter further improves the positional stability and is designed for AGL measurement from UAVs for up to 120m (400ft).

Simple, Functional, Effective Design

Key Features / Our Philosophy

Built in Adaptability

Our goal in putting together the AirX8 was to setup a solid, flexible platform that could easily accept independent sensor solutions.  In our opinion drones are really only a “tool” to deliver data. They deserve our admiration for the capacity they offer but at the end of the day they are the hammer not the nail.recon air x8pro4 drone3

The Recon AirX8 is a true enterprise solution, it allows you to independently target 3 major industry sector, surveying/mapping/modelling, precision agriculture and inspections by simply fitting the right sensor for the job.

You can also opt to purchase the “Coup de Gras” package, which is the death blow to your competition. This is our all in one package that provides you with the AirX8 and 3 commercial grade sensors, for surveying, agriculture and inspections. 



Drones and in particular commercial class drones can be expensive BUT they offer a class of opportunity above a simple aerial imaging solution. The value, insight, efficiencies, expertise and time you will save your clients will demand a high return.

Second, our modular approach allows you to service a greater range of clients from various sectors providing you with a higher ROI.

Finally consider this,  if you purchase the Recon AirX8 with all three sensors complete with extra props and an extra battery package (absolutely everything you would need for 3 commercial UAV workflows) it will run you about 28K. The Sensfly eBee, which ONLY DOES AERIAL SURVEYING will run you about 30-35K (Trimble, QuestUAV, Precision Hawk and others are comparable). The survey accuracy of RTK vs. PPK solutions are statistically identical BUT you can use the Recon AirX8 to fly precision agriculture and industrial inspections. Putting a little thought into the functionality means greater utility for less money and ultimately more potential clients. 


Future Proofing & Options

Our modular, platform independent approach means your high quality sensors are NOT built into the drone. This to some degree future proofs your investment and of course allows you to switch independently between workflows without switching drones. It also gives you the option to purchase new sensors for new workflows if your business changes. Want to add a flir tau thermal camera on your gimbal for roof inspections. It’s not going to be plug and play but it’s NOT going to be rocket science either! Sensor makers have a vested interest in helping you integrate their products into your drone and workflow, that is, if they want to sell them to you! 

Wondering What Your Package Will Cost?

Drone Estimator 

Try out our drone configuration tool to get the fit that is right for you. Please understand though most variations you select are possible, they might not be practical or even recommended. However, the configuration form is sort of smart and should guide you through your selections. This form will give you a basic appreciation of the possibilities and cost in USD.

Note that costs will vary since we are not in control of supplier pricing. Also note that the cost does not include tax, shipping, applicable import duty or batteries.

The Recon Aerial AirX8 Pro is built on a 22.2v 6s lipo battery system and it’s best to source batteries locally if possible to save money on shipping heavy dangerous goods…this can be expensive.