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3D Contruction Site Models Using Drone Technology

Construction management using drones for 3D modelling, digital elevation modelling, orthomosaic are now readily accessible to construction professionals who want to work smarter. The integration of 3D Construction Site Models Using Drone Technology into various building information management software suites like Autodesk in particular AutoCAD and ArcGIS will prove invaluable to leaders in construction.

drones-in-construction2Construction management using drones offers a significant advantage and brings an aerial perspective through point cloud and 3D mesh integration into the design and planning phase of project implementation.

It’s all about data!  For example, 3D Construction Site Models Via Drone Technology represent a snapshot in time allowing project managers  a new perspective but also the option to integrate this data into existing software to iterate design plan changes in real time. It’s possible to track of project changes and more easily and predict design change outcomes that can prevent costly oversights.

In short data via aerial imaging saves time and money by providing project managers with another tool to make credible, timely decisions.

Site Cast Construction Drone 3D Model

Double click anywhere within the 3D Construction Site Model and then grab the image by clicking and spinning. By doing this you will be able to see and zoom in from any exterior angle within on the property!

How does it work? It's transformation of 150 so images that are stitched into a 3D las point cloud and inserted via a rendering embed code to create a dynamic interactive experience. Simply put, it's a cool picture you can play with to see the exterior of a property from any angle, but it's much more. The integration of .las and obj information into programs like AutoDesk allow for advanced manipulation and design.

Marketing for Growth & Position in Construction

Why use video to market yourself within the construction industry? Because few are doing this and you will set yourself apart, better secure you position and grow! Local construction industries are tight knit communities, expertise is often held by relatively few individuals or companies and in this way work often finds you. This is great when things are hopping, but what happens when things slow down?

Marketing in this segment is not about getting the next job it's about growth and position. When things slow down and market share is restricted having an established presence can keep you near the top of the list for upcoming work.

Great aerial imaging using drone tech in construction is only part of the solution but it's a highly effective way to make you presence known and to keep your name in the minds of your clients.