Drone Services in Canada

Recon Aerial Media delivers drone services in Canada and beyond. We remain excited to serve all industries but focus on industrial and commercial drone Inspections as well as aerial assessments and multimedia marketing images and video. We are also ramping up to offer drone franchise opportunities in Canada and the United States through creative partnerships with individuals and companies who need to get airborne!

The applications and benefits for drone services are what drive us. We see incredible opportunity to offer drone services to the real estate market, for aerial photography and aerial drone services for infrastructure inspections. There is also a great gains to provide drone services in construction, to complete aerial surveys, in film and agriculture.

The benefit to cost of acquiring incredible images and information through the use of drone technology is soaring and our focus is to pass these benefits on to you, safely and efficiently. We invite you to challenge us!


  • Assess
  • Fly
  • Deliver

We will meet with you to determine exactly what you need. First and foremost we will work through your requirement and be sure to completely understand what you want AND what you want to achieve. We will invest time to learn your business or project and help you carefully examine the costs of using drone services compared to the expected benefits. This simple exercise will give you the confidence to ensure you are making the best use of this new technology.

Whether your requirement for aerial imaging services is highly complex or straight forward our goal is  to understand what you do and how we can save you time, money or limit risk.

Getting to work is what we do best! Adherence to safety and a methodical approach to drone flight operations will guaranteed your confidence and our mission success. All flight operations have regulatory approval and we exceed the legally required insurance limits for UAV endorsements.  Flight operations are guided by our robust Flight Operations Manual that provide staff and partners with pre-operations, pre-flight, in-flight, post-flight checklists, emergency procedures checklist and notification protocols, safety guidelines. We have the tools  in place to ensure flight operations are safe,efficient and effective.  Staff who conduct flight operations are fully trained per the regulatory requirements and are required to have minimum “flown hours” experience. Operationally, we normally fly in teams of two; a Pilot in Command with the assistance of a Visual Observer to further guarantee responsible and safe operations.

Getting you what you need is paramount. If you need images or video for multimedia applications we will make sure it’s top notch and delivered exactly how you need it.  If your service requirement is data driven we will process the raw image data through our software partners systems and provide with newly rendered images (volumetrics, mapping, NIR, NDVI, orthomosaics) that answer you questions and meet your expectations. We will also help analysis the image data if need be making it easier for you to interpret what’s presented and to take action based on this new information.