Core Drone Services Offered by Recon Aerial

aerial imaging drone business solution

Aerial Imaging & Videography

building information modelling drone business solution

Drones in Construction

bridge inspections by drone

Bridge Inspections

surveying and mapping drone business solution

Surveying & Mapping

public security drone business solution

Public Services & Security

scouting and agriworks drone business solution

Agriculture & Crop Scouting

Professional Drone Services in Canada & the United States

Recon Aerial Media delivers drone services in Canada, the United States and beyond.

We serve all industries but our focus is on providing drone services in complex aerial environments. Our services include aerial imaging, film, industrial and commercial drone inspections as well as construction services, bridge inspections, mapping, and surveying. _DSC2235_training_for_flight_review

We offer consulting services advising clients on drone program development, operation design, risk mitigation, emergency procedures, flights in complicated airspace, regulatory impact analysis and more.

We are about to launch drone business startup packages in Canada and the United States. Our basic packages provide equipment and know-how empowering individuals to jump-start their own drone business helping potential getting new owners airborne faster.

What drives us? The complexity in developing new and enterprising solutions AND the direct benefits of drone services to our clients. We see incredible opportunities to offer for drones to do things more safely, more efficiently, to save time and money. These are real benefits our clients realize through our strategic drone services solutions.

We invite you to bring us your ideas, to challenge us!


  • Assess
  • Fly
  • Deliver

We always invest the time to learn your business in order to carefully examine the costs and benefits of using drone services compared to other methods, should they exist. 

Whether your requirement for drone services is highly complex or straight forward ultimately, our goal is to understand what you do and how we can save you time, money or limit risk.

Getting to work is what we do best! A methodical approach to planning and conducting drone flight operations will guarantee your confidence and mission success.

All flights in Canada or the United States are insured and have regulatory approval.  We have the procedures and checklists in place to ensure flight operations are safe, efficient and effective. 

Staff who conduct flight operations are fully trained, flight certified “Pilots in Command” per the regulatory requirements.

Getting you what you need is paramount. Whether it’s simple drone media or complex 3D model/mesh for integration into BIM workflows, we can get it done!

Recon Aerial is not just a drone company, we are project managers experienced at bringing together complex data requirements related to construction, inspection, film, TV and many other specialties. We are also experienced at working with multi-disciplinary teams.

In addition, we have established excellent working relationships with many partners who add depth to our drone services delivery.